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Another one of those pot haters spewing vile lies.

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Fun fact, I got "fired" by my first shrink for laughing at her when she claimed this decades ago. However, I now have noticed my short term memory is much better after the weed is totally out of my system.

Bitch was still a shitty shrink tho.

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Doctors don't like it when you disagree with them. It's like it festers under their skin until they feel the need to go off on you. My wife's doctor told her there was no cure for Hep C. My wife sent her an article with that new Hep C cure and the doctor dumped her.

Then there was the dentist. I was like 12 and he was dissing me over chewing gum. When I walked out of the back into the waiting room I grabbed my jaw and started moaning Oooh! Ooooh! and walked/lumbered sideways. This little kid stood up and puked on the spot and another one ran out the door. That dentist never fucked with me over chewing gum again. I ran into him when I was about 40. That fucker still remembered who I was.

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Could that be connected to the fact you dream less while smoking?

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THC affects parts of the brain responsible for memory formation.

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Do glyphosate next! Or alcohol.