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If you're wondering why it recommends yellow veg like yellow peppers when red peppers have much the same stuff in them it's because this is based on Chinese tradition medicine mumbo-jumbo. Any fibrous low carb veg will have an anti inflammatory effect. You don't need to eat it because it feeds your spleen or gets rid of heatiness.

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Nutrition is hard to study, there's just too many variables. There are people who have reported success with autoimmune and inflammatory disorders through a carnivore diet.

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I think there's a difference between red meat and processed meat which gets purposely glossed over.

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The difference is nitrates, which are also confusing because in some forms they're good for you. And veggies have them too.

Nitrates are present in small amounts in processed meats and in larger amounts in healthy foods like vegetables. They also occur in drinking water, and the human body produces nitrates, too.

It's bad when nitrates become nitrosamines, which happens with high heat cooking but rarely with veggies. Vitamin C can inhibit their absorption.