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I heard that big grain is starting to roll back the drying with glyphosate process. I bet they saw Monsanto/Bayer losing those wrongful death lawsuits and freaked out.

But even if it gets removed, why was it there in the first place? Is it scary that no one is actually looking out for your health and safety, aside from Ralph Nader?

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When it came out in the 70s and 80s they didn't know about the importance of gut bacteria.

It's actually a fair point that it doesn't get absorbed by the human gut so that's not the problem and because of that they've been able to argue it's completely safe in food.

However because it doesn't get absorbed by the gut it sits there and kills all the stuff which lives in there that we need. So the thing which seems to make it safe is actually the real problem.

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Jet you're a smart/well informed person. Here's a new glyphosate post confirming what you said, not that I didn't believe you

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aka gluten intolerance