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For people with no mental health issues, it provides no value at all. I can see it being harmful actually, like reading webmd and saying, "Yeah, I have that, and that..."

Apparently some mental health professionals see value. Maybe I'm being overly skeptical, but we already have a large percentage of people that have outsourced their own thoughts and beliefs. Just seems this will further that along.

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It's nothing new, just normalizing what they already do. You and me just by talking publicly here just provided them with data points. There is a reason the illuminati was super secret and they didn't say their ideas on public newspapers at the time(same as internet posts of the day), well, the enemy was watching them. No difference here. Apparently high level insiders also publicly say anything bc they arenb;t worried about spies, they are worried if you believe, so you can be controlled.

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That's why I've invested in the best placebos out there. My placebos are better than yours.