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That makes sense. Would it be ok if I throw a question or two on this topic at you in the future? You break it down well, and my brain is foggy at the moment. I'll have a "what about this" moment probably on Friday.

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Sure, I'd be more than happy to answer any questions! I enjoy talking about this stuff. Maybe someday I could talk about this sort of thing on a podcast episode.

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Thanks! Speaking of podcasts, any considerations to starting your own? I know it's a huge amount of time, and not sure if it is profitable, but it's a good platform for you.

And a random thought concerning children and exposure to 5G, children are much more able to tolerate high fevers than adults. Maybe they would be more adaptable to the tech than adults, if the tech does present a problem. My day is packed today, I will search around tonight and post if I find a study that has looked at it.

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I've thought about it a bit, I have a magnora7 youtube channel, but I've only made two episodes. I've been thinking about getting in to it more and getting a little serious with it.

Interesting idea on the 5G, let me know if you figure out anything further.