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Thanks for the detailed reply, really good info to consider. I probably should have put this in the conspiracy category. The science, facts, and evidence are maybebeing loosely played with currently. Some of the findings and studies look sound, then you come across a site stating, "If you have these symptoms you may be EMF sensitive..." and the list contains any ache or pain that a 30 something adult has on a weekly basis. That said, I can see telecommunications companies not being forthcoming with any negative findings, after all they are seeking profits.

In studies of ionizing radiation, it's been shown that any cellular mutation may not be apparent for up to 20 years. And they really don't have much to go on, the bulk of the data collected came from the dropping of the atomic bombs back in the 40's. What if constant exposure to 5G frequency needs time to become detrimental? Or maybe there is a genetic component that predicts certain individuals can be affected but others can't. I think ultimately they don't know, and I'm not sure they should be increasing the exposure of populations if they don't. Personally, I haven't read enough about the studies to have a position but I'm paying attention.

I do have concerns about exposure to a developing fetus and to very young children. The cellular turn over is so fast, and they are being bombarded by this tech. Personally, I don't put the phone to my ear anymore, but I still put my computer on my lap.

Really interesting about MRI causing burns when crossing your legs, I didn't know that. I spent a week cross training to be an MRI tech about ten years ago (I didn't like it at all so I stepped out and let someone else do it, I'm not sure if they even cross train anymore). Burns weren't mentioned, they were more focused on not bringing oxygen tanks in the suite.

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What if constant exposure to 5G frequency needs time to become detrimental?

The only cumulative effect that non-ionizing radiation has is an increase in temperature. So if there is a pause that is long enough to get rid of all the excess heat in the affected area (say 15 mins to an hour) then it returns to normal. Beyond that there is no lasting effect that EMF waves can have on atoms and molecules, except for ionizing them and atomic radiation, both of which require much higher frequencies (and atomic radiation, breakdown of the nucleus, requires 1000x more energy than ionization)

And because of the photoelectric effect, it's known that a higher frequency is required to produce ionization. For a lower frequency, there is no intensity high enough that will produce ionization. The only effect it can have is through heat, which is just kinetic energy of molecules, vibration and translation across all movement modes of the molecule. And because of a theory called the Equipartition Theory, it shows that heat put in to one vibrational mode will spread itself across all other ways the molecule can move and jiggle. It will also spread to nearby molecules via heat conduction.

So as long as non-ionizing radiation is putting in less heat to a molecule than is able to drain away via conduction, nothing bad will happen. The problem is that we use devices that put in more heat than can be drained, like MRI machines, so we have to limit how many hours a day you can be in one to prevent internal overheating and burns/cooking.

But many body parts are very temperature sensitive, where a few degrees can make a difference, and perhaps degrade proteins that can't handle the slightly higher temperature. Like how your body works when you have the flu and your body temp goes up to help break down invader proteins and molecules that can't handle the high temperatures.

So there's a lot to consider, and it's far from an open-and-shut thing. But I don't think 5G is like a health crisis any more than 4G or wifi was. But perhaps I am wrong, I don't know much about the frequencies being used for 5G.

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That makes sense. Would it be ok if I throw a question or two on this topic at you in the future? You break it down well, and my brain is foggy at the moment. I'll have a "what about this" moment probably on Friday.

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Sure, I'd be more than happy to answer any questions! I enjoy talking about this stuff. Maybe someday I could talk about this sort of thing on a podcast episode.

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Thanks! Speaking of podcasts, any considerations to starting your own? I know it's a huge amount of time, and not sure if it is profitable, but it's a good platform for you.

And a random thought concerning children and exposure to 5G, children are much more able to tolerate high fevers than adults. Maybe they would be more adaptable to the tech than adults, if the tech does present a problem. My day is packed today, I will search around tonight and post if I find a study that has looked at it.

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I've thought about it a bit, I have a magnora7 youtube channel, but I've only made two episodes. I've been thinking about getting in to it more and getting a little serious with it.

Interesting idea on the 5G, let me know if you figure out anything further.