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Your track? Aces!

And fast/uptempo.

I've always been a little shaking on what "hardstyle" is.

What's your layman's definition?

Looking at this article, I was extremely into some scenes and an abundance of styles and genres but don't recognize any of these names.

I also don't know those genres you listed in the sidebox.

Back in the day there was Happy Hardcore, but I didn't have a lot of it, maybe a half dozen compilation CDs. Also, some Booty House / Ghetto Tech was pretty intense. Also I had a bunch of Chicago's Bad Boy Bill, even did some hard mixes of his best compiled.

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Lol no, just chose my username to be that of one of my favorite Hardstyle Groups that were active in the 2000s. Probably should of made it something else, haha. I thought I'd post one of my favorite tracks from the group and It would be fitting with the username.

Well there is no one definition of Hardstyle, really. It's a very broad genre that got its influence early on from Hard Trance and Hardcore, with BPM around 150-175, the kicks being hard, reversed bass and dark melodies. This in-depth video is really good about the history. And then you have Q-Dance which is the major organization of Hardstyle Raves, Festivals, etc. (and Other Harder Styles Genres). There is also b2s, Bass Events and much more. To sum it up Hardstyle is the parent term, with there being specific "styles" of Hardstyle, Such as Euphoric, Raw, Early (~1999-2006), and Classic (2007~2011)

And then there are the other genres of Hard Dance Music like Hardcore/Gabber which has much faster BPM (175+). Rawstyle is pretty much Hardstyle, in the same BPM range but with kicks being "Raw" and Harder as well as having more aggressive sounds. There is also Frenchcore which has a bit softer kicks but very fast BPM. Uptempo/Terror which has very aggressive sounds, hard, fast, distorted kicks (Uno Doi Hai La Noi). Jumpstyle is both a dance and a genre of music (Which unfortunately died, though the dance is still alive). The Genre lived from ~2003-~2009 and consisted of a slower BPM and an unique kicks. Hard Trance I don't know too much about, this would explain it better. Hard Tekk, I know nothing about other than the fact that it seems like all the songs are in German and that it is very underground.

That sounds really cool! I'll check out some of that stuff. I know about Happy Hardcore but not the others.

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Fucking aces man. Great stuff to peruse. This is gonna take a bit. I'll keep this tab open and drop reviews as I go. You might wanna post those too.