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Let me state once again just how much I despise Cemetery Confessions. He profiles himself as this supposed subcultural researcher/academic, a scholarly commentator and participant in the goth subculture, but then he goes and pulls such an obvious "Marilyn Manson" on his interview subjects. You can tell from listening to the above excerpt that they did not expect such a gross and inappropriate comment to tossed out smack-dab in the middle of the interview, and that they are only laughing nervously because he's making them feel uncomfortable and they just don't know how to tell him off. Since he's the interviewer and they are on his podcast, they probably feel like they have to put up with his gross comments. Cemetery Confessions is very clearly pornsick IMO, because there is no way you would do such a thing to your unsuspecting interview subjects unless you expect everyone around you to be as pornsick and desensitized to such gross comments as you are. This behaviour is completely unacceptable and I resent the way this man "Dani" has become such a self-appointed representative of the subculture.