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There was this Zombie song back when our daughter went through her goth phase. It said something about being in your head.

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Zombie by The Cranberries Lead singer pulled a Whitney Houston, drown in her own bathtub.

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I hope you've seen this show before. I watch it at least once a month

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I'm not a fan, just that song was impossible to escape growing up, it was on the radio ten times a day.

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hahaha, it sure was. i wonder if radio is any better these days.

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Not in Houston. Our relatively few stations were at one time pretty much all owned by Clear Channel Communications, which became iHeartRadio. It's all corporate radio. All the commercials are synced. And there hasn't been a memorable local DJ since Outlaw Dave.

94.5 The Buzz, the alternative station is playing Basket Case by Green Day right now. That's really typical, it's mostly 90s music, has been playing the same songs for 30 years -- including Zombie. You can listen to it on Alexa if you want, although it usually sucks hardest during the day.

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All the commercials are synced.

those motherfuckers. i suspected so but never really looked into it. even on AM radio.

I listen to my local community radio sometimes. They have some lawyer show and this motherfucker was on there praising Cheney or Rumsfeld the other day, I couldn't believe it. They have a show for the jail too, you call in and give shoutouts to your peeps.

One cool thing I have found with NPR, is that if you can get enough NPR stations at once, the secondary NPR will play cool shit like their music shows. Like on the weekends.