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Curiously I stumbled across a xtian sect who believe that the US is the beast of revelation. They're anti pope as well.

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They seem truly based.

Yeah, they're right about the pope of being a psuedo christian. These include jehova's witnesses, protestants, lutherans, mormons, baptists and so on.

A real christian would be more like this dude who's a genuine spiritual truth searcher and I happen to coincedentally share very similar thoughts with him about chrisitianity.

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It gives me relief you're not a complete christcuck after all for that jew on a stick

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Projection much??

You can't fault people for trying to find spiritual truth. Lol.

Everybody is an eternal student because no human being on earth is perfect and knows everything. There's always something to learn. Just be mindful you ought to find the right information because a lot of information that one could receive are not based on facts or they could be half truths mixed with lies or it has a few too many critical blindspots even though its partly grounded on reality.

You and itv are twin brothers in spirit. Both you and him are failures as you two project yourselves on other people.

Most of all, you really shouldn't be talking about anybody like that because of the fact you being a raghead f@ggit!!