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Comments for the video are cool as well, giving very balanced perspectives. One of my favorites is the one from @anamaganda9352. He or she said,

I would like to point out, the Texan girl mentioned that her friend was asked how old she was. In the Philippines people can look younger than their age so probably the reason why he asked, and her mentioning about braces; in the US people who have braces are young people about 20 and below or in their teens. People who are older almost never opt to have braces, but usually used other methods to correct or beautify their teeth. In the Philippines people at any age still used braces to straighten their teeth. So the person who was asking was just trying to make sure that he is not going after someone who is underage

Thanks for the xfs and the couple afs that shared their honest thoughts.

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Golden nations in general are usually pretty safe for single women travelers. This is in comparison to the west, or even worse, places like shitdia where the repressed incel men come out in a mindless mob like gropping wave the moment they finally get to see a slightly attractive foreign women walking alone, in a scene that some may even say resembles something from the walking dead. I also recall a video of a white gurl in india relaxing near a beach, only to be surrounded by a gigantic circle of incel pajeet men oogling at her. Talk about desperate, LMAO