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The Japan-China relationship is way worse than the Ukraine-Russian relationship. Forget about history or the past, Japan is the most anti-China country in the world right now, more so than even Americucks and I think the most pro-American nation in the world. They love America more than Americans like the U.S. Lmao:

What more needs to be said?

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The fact that they worship amerikka that much blows my mind. Even many asian americans these days for all their faults and pozzed behavior sort of realize that the us is not the best place anymore, given everything thats been going on (hard not to deny when you got pinkoids/ wakandans punching them in the face on the daily). Correct me if Im wrong, but are a big chunk of native japanese actually this clueless and stupid about whats going on in the world? Didn't one of the heads of the Japanese cybersecurity department admit to never even using a computer before? I heard some of them don't even believe they are asian and think they are pink just like their fellow pinkoids that they worship. There's also an increasing trend of bringing in wakandan males into Japan, and marrying them to japanese women so they could stay in japan, specifically in areas like the Ropponogi district, from the "badass" yakuza as bodyguards/ hustlers.

Regardless of if there stats are better than asian americans atm, if their society doesn't improve, they will inevitably undergo a process of americanization/westernization which we are already seeing by them dropping celebrations such as Lunar new year, and thats in the scenario where they dont get extinct being used as a battering ram against other asians. So they will in the future, become another asian america but this time right in the heartland of asia itself. Essentially, the big picture view of their society is not looking good. To be fair, I could see a similar thing for Taiwan if in a very rare and almost improbable case that China doesn't do anything about it. The japanese foreign minister even said that he wishes for mass immigration so he could have plenty of "japanese" with "blonde hair and blue eyes" in the near future. What a god damn cuck

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Japan is similar to Taiwan in a sense. They both have positive views of each other for a good reason. While both have homogenous cultures, the youth especially have identity issues. Some of the Japanese youth do think they are different to other Asian ethnicities and more related to the Eurocuck. Maybe they just need glasses. On top of this a lot of Japanese history are scrubbed off their text books by design. Americucks know the old scars between Japan, China, Korea + the affected SEA nations won't truly heal as long as they put pro-Americuck minstrels in their government who also worships their war criminals. According to stats, most of the Japanese don't like their puppet regime government set in place by Americucks but at the same time have the most positive view of the nation in Asia. Like most Golden nations, I wouldn't call Japanese culture particularly foreigner friendly especially if they want to actually stay in the nation permanently, but that hostility also extends to other Golden ethnicities. But like all Golden nations, Japan has several ethnic and cultural groups. The Okinawans struck me as the most anti-Americuck and pro-China for good reason, they have first hand experience of those Mericuck military bases and corruption. Gullibility and ignorance is a thing everywhere in E/SEA, I'd say a good 80% of native Asians have never even interacted with a non-Golden person outside of the major cities, so I can't fault only Japan for that. That is where Asian Americucks were supposed to be coming in to wake up Goldens in Asia simiar to their Wakandan counterparts who call out pink encroachment on African soil and promote pro-blaccness and unity. But, we got a mostly useless and neutered eunuch group instead. In the grand scheme of things Japan is just a puppet for NATO, so not the true enemy, neither is the American government. They are puppets who work for a group of power hungry ogligarchs and globalist who want to control the world via astroturfing and brainwashing in both NATO and foreign lands, funding terrorism and destabilisation in all continents and using blackmail. I call it the P.W.O (Pedophile world order), NATO nations and its allies are all involved in mass child trafficking and abuse, it's a pedo ring/cult. Hardly a secret at this point, many have come forward accusing nato nations of such, many suspect "suicides" of people going in too deep as well. They want to orchestrate the next word war to their benefit, so it's these groups we all need to be concerned about.

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many suspect "suicides" of people going in too deep as well. They want to orchestrate the next word war to their benefit, so it's these groups we all need to be concerned about.

Seems like george soros is a member of that club.

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    America was a "benevolent country that bought democracy and human rights"? Chinese are the most anti china? Are you even listening to yourself? Statistically and historically what you've said is not true. Why are you so butthurt that I called out americuck worship in japan, are you even japanese? Its objectively true. These japanese cuck ministers are the descendants of ija retards who were all a bunch of worthless, dickless pussies

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    He's obviously an Asian Mericuck. Doubt he's even set foot in Nihon or actually spoken/interacted with the people there.

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    When being nuked two times is not enough, they want more.

    Either they have stockholm sydrome or they genuinely admire their abusers because japs really like those who flex their strength militarily and politically. Probably both??

    Seems like the mainland chinese probably have to take off their kiddie gloves when dealing with japan or japanese witness china and its allies decimate the usa in a one-sided nuclear attack while usa's allies watch helplessly. Maybe only then would the japs be forced to take off their blinders about the usa being strong and formidable.

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    Wtf does Japan hate China and other Asian countries so much? I found out recently that since 1873 no during the Meiji Restoration, Japan does not celebrate Spring festival along with neighboring Asian countries. Fucking cucks felt inferior to yts so they adopted the Gregorian calendar and stop being Japanese? Sickening.

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    I think it's more that they look down on other Asian ethnicities and have negative views plus a superiority complex towards most of them than straight up hating them. Although you do get the latter as well. Truth is Imperial Japan was mainly concerned with increasing their own imperial rule or else they would have not been murdering or raping other Asians at every turn. Even the Germans were disgusted. The only ones that have a positive view on them are incel Asian Americunts. They deserve the same treatment of the Goldens who got killed by Imperial Japanese. The difference is Asian Americunts aren't innocent. Both Korea and China was also playing catch ups with the West at the time, so they set back Asia by quite a bit and they didn't treat SEAs much better either, sided with and collaborated with the French against the Viets, look up the brutalities during japanese occupation in the Philippines etc. Every Asian nation was glad when Japan lost its grasp on Asia, by all accounts from the people who actually lived through it, they were even more brutal than the Eurocucks. So that is where the "pink saviour" trope and starry eyed towards the pinkoids came from and any hopes of a semblence of pan-Asianism thrown out the window. And now China, another East Asian power is climbing to the top. Of course the surrounding Asian nations are going to be fearful and untrusting and susceptible to NATO infiltration and brainwashing. It's bad history.

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      Imperial japan were a bunch of incels like nazi germany.