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This is what happens when a nation kowtows to the west, already I've been seeing disturbing stats from Japan in all matter of fields, including birthrates, economics, health and demographics. This is all because they aren't caring about their population and would rather spend all that time, money, and energy being a battering ram against another asian nation and destabilizing the entire region. If a golden nation continues to kowtow to people that don't care about them and even openly brag about creating their lands as killing fields, then they may suffer a fate as bad or possibly even worse than asian americhans (because their entire population could end up being enslaved, or incinerated due to cucked decisions from their government, along with damaging the other innocent golden nations they would be forcefully involving).

There was even a study where japanese are now facing a rapidly rising disinterest in sex and libido. Although I have some qualms and doubts about that study, the drop has nothing to do with genetics (goldens have very high testosterone levels and many golden central asian and sea nations have birthrates at maintenance level or higher compared to westoid nations who have ZERO countries that reach those levels and rely on mass immigration to cope, as well as having higher and more violent incel rates than asia) , but the big factor is Japanese are being forced to work grueling hours, have little free time, and get little pay due to constantly rising COL (which is entirely the fault of the japanese cuckernment, for severing their own natural gas and resource lines, not pressuring companies to increase their wlf balance and timeoff, being in constant trade deficits against China, losing in technology and innovation due to lack of care and even selling their trade secrets to america, all for the sake of being a tool for the US to do their imperialism in Asia).

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This is why I say some east asians could learn a thing or two from SEAs and Central asians, stop looking down on SEAs and learn how to have fun, relax and enjoy life like them. Many SEA and golden Central Asians nations are also pretty wise about the US's plans on trying to use them as killing fields like in Ukraine, which is why they try to stay out of the increasing escalating tensions between the us and china, or try to play some sort of balancing act

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They either fall with the west or return with majestic glory standing beside golden southeast asia, east asia, and central asia.

Maybe the only hope left for japan would be japanese zoomers take over, when too many of the sellout japanese boomers, sell out japanese gen xers, and sell out japanese millennials working in the japanese cuckerment finally die off, although it's probably too late by the time that happens. Sucks for them. If that happens, all I want to say is "It was nice knowing you japan but you fucked up. Bye." I feel sorry for the patriotic japanese that truly does care about the well being of their nation and their golden neighbors outside japan. During this golden twenty first century, I wouldn't be surprised at some point to witness a large exodus of based pan-asian japanese people to immigrate in other golden countries and intermarry with the natives even more than ever.

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I didnt want to say this but at this rate it might be just better if China takes over Japan or at least parts of it, for their own good at this rate, and the same with Taiwan. Whats the point of working 100+ hours a week with no freetime or energy or anything for a cuckernment that wants to use all your tax money and income to make you a cannon fodder against other asians as well as trying to pozz your society with xm multiculturalism and 'cultural imports'