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I used to over-write, but then I realized with every additional sentence you generally lose about 10% of your audience. People don't want to read a long thing unless it's extremely captivating.

Case in point, I read about the first paragraph, then the section titles, then the last line. I don't say this to be rude, but just let you know this is how the human brain works. Took me a long time to learn that lessson, tbh, and I still am not great at it, but I kind of wish someone had told me that most people literally don't read anything over about 2 paragraphs unless it's extremely captivating. And something one sentence long will get read 100x more than something that's 15 sentences long. Brevity is generally necessary to keep people's attention because they will just read something more interesting and condensed instead. I'm still bad at it though tbh, I over-write a lot still. Even this reply is way too long.

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I completely agree. You're not the first.

I added the section titles for that reason.

Condensing it down well takes skill.

Condensing it down and making it captivating takes even greater skill.

That's not where my skills lie, nor where I want to spend my time right now. I'm just trying to get it out as clearly and as organized as I can with little room for misinterpretation. It will be handy later. This is like starting a new job and going over all the legalese crap, introducing you to your team, where the lunch room and bathrooms are, and all the office policies. It's not captivating or glamourous, but it's necessary.

Soon enough I'll be sharing my original images and they will say much more, faster, without words. Also, I can illustrate pretty quickly when focused. And those will grab people's attention when I actually have it all laid out for them and their questions.

At that point, when adding words for the characters to say, we will condense and captivate as much as possible.

Parts of the T101 project are not fully formed. So I'm working some of it out as I go. Writing it helps clarify some things, including what's not solid or is lacking.

The BsS project is very clear but complex and I actually want my vomit draft to be moderately captivating, so it's a conundrum. Making matters worse, it intentionally starts out bland and "normal" to gradually build up to epic proportions. Part of that is building character, not my strong suit. Drawing and animating characters is.

These projects will take years to complete. I'm here for the long haul.

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Cheers man. I'm glad you're in for the learning process of a lifetime, because I am too.

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What learning process of a lifetime?

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The process of learning how to improve yourself as a person and understand the world better

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Okay, cool. I got confused and over-thought it.

I wasn't sure if you were talking about SaidIt, being a truth seeker, animating (which is more discoveries in the creative process since I already know how), or the Glossed And Profound online co-op, which will be the biggest learning process I'm afraid.

I like your version better.