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I read the OP, and am checking out some of the links; I guess I'm interested by way of knowing people across different aisles need to open dialogue, or communications to hash out differences, and find solutions, or squash non issues. However, in reading your opener, unless I missed something, it's still not disclosed what your end goals are? That's hard to do much more than just reading when time permits.

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The sideboxes all state:

These are not regular Reddit-style subsaidits nor typical wiki articles.

The Glossed Over: Content Overview goes into more details with longer summaries.

I hope this answers your question. If not, please expand on what leaves you wondering, or check back on the developments in the weeks and months and years to come.

Meanwhile, since it's still a mystery of sorts, try to guess what the content may be about?

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Oh man, you've got a lot done, but you've got something like climbing Mount Everest... with a gimped leg.. to go.

From what I 'got', it could work with good promotion.

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I'm hoping good promotion can be grass roots, earned with good content and a solid GaP backbone. Unfortunately I have no significant experience with creating or running a production company or worker co-op or online community. I hope this naivete works to our advantage, but I don't expect it to. I expect GaP to be a far bigger project than all the others combined. Ironically all I really want to do it the creative stuff. Maybe, just maybe, others will step up and help develop the transparent open GaP system that can help me just be creative.

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I'll keep checking in to see how it's going. I'm a little wrapped up with some things I've got to get done, but could be interested in helping where I can.

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Thrilled to hear it!

I still have so much more to share before there's really anything significant to act upon on the BsS and T101 creative sides.

As for the GaP business side there are a few areas that need research, proposals, and setting up. 1) transparent online worker co-op, 2) transparent online accounting, 3) transparent online donation, gift, and store systems, 4) weighing web stores (options, products, ethics, etc. vs self produced).

I'm not in a hurry. I'd rather go slow and steady and securely with solid foundations than take miscalculated leaps of faith.

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Well, I'm decent at research, and writing, but not so much on the computer technical stuff. I'll keep an eye on the progress.

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All efforts and skill sets welcome.

I may need some help with my writing. I've already been told these are too long.

As I responded in the comments below my Glossed Over: Content Overview:

"These "Content Overview" posts are like my letter of intent or business plan, so I was aiming for clarity not brevity. I'm not really expecting anyone to read all of these over today but expect they will prove useful in the future. I've still got a bit more foundation to lay before I even get to the stories."

"Not everything will be this long. Some of the screenplay sections will be longer. I'd considered releasing the screenplay in half-act sections but always favoured publishing on a scene by scene basis."

"All Trutherism 101 scripts must be as short and tight as possible to conserve on animation and keep the comedy punchy."

Research on establishing all the transparent online stuff may be handy down the line.

Research finding the best web stores would be good too. I recently updated all the "Self-publishing" and "Self-printing products and custom merchandise" on Wikipedia that I could find, and included them in the "see also" sections of all of them, ie. That was in anticipation of the day I'd actually need to bother researching into them, and hopefully others, to find the best one(s). Not just for my projects, but I intend to present our findings to /u/magnora7 and /u/d3rr to make a SaidIt web store either together or separately.

And eventually I'd like every episode of Trutherism 101 (or whatever it is ultimately titled), to have the best of the best informative content gathered together (ie. /s/TrutherTop20s) and well organized to support the cases presented.

I don't expect any instant commitments. I expect to earn support in these endeavours.