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Dude, nobody is going to listen to anything labeled "truther". You know nothing about branding or effective communication and you're going to do a lot of work for nothing.

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Maybe. Maybe not.

If it starts off as mockery and ridicule, folks may get drawn in.

I have decades of experience animating, mostly on commercials, and when not doing that I've done a lot of design work. I created the SaidIt logo. I know some things about branding.

Maybe I am doing a lot of work for nothing. Maybe I'm going to set an example, good, bad, or both, for others to learn from or build on.

So far you've said "truther" is stupid 3 times and failed to offer any good alternatives. Meanwhile, the title is actually "Trutherism 101".

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Look man, I don't know any other names. Truther or trutherism, people are going to take one look at it and drop it. It sounds like 9/11 truthers.