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DRAFT #3 = Glossed Over: Glossed And Profound: -

GLOSSED OVER - Glossed And Profound: -

For the /s/GlossedAndProfound project.

First posted: 2019-06-xx   |   Last update: 2019-06-xx

If you are sick and tired of mediocre media, propaganda programming, consumer culture, chaos exploitation, and being told what and how to think by those with stolen resources, then be active in developing better entertainment trying to make the world a better place and put the Machiavellians and their normie lackeys to shame.

I seek and welcome feedback while inviting you to participate in my epic journey attempting to improve our world through meaningful impacting narratives.

The /s/BittersweetSeeds project subsaidit and its posts are locked, for publishing only, and they'll be updated over time.

If you haven't already, you may like to first read:

  1. Glossed Over: My Self-Imposed Rules For Writing
  2. Bittersweet Seeds: Content Overview for more details.
  3. Bittersweet Seeds: Vomit Draft - Introduction
  4. [Bittersweet Seeds: Vomit Draft, Act 1A](▶▶▶_ADD LINK HERE_◀◀◀)

G.O - Feedback!

This review is seeking feedback on the [Bittersweet Seeds: Vomit Draft, Act 1](▶▶▶_ADD LINK HERE_◀◀◀)

Please freely join in on this dedicated /s/GlossedOver open discussion, and specifically about this link above, with feedback comments here, in the comments below.

I welcome all constructive criticism. This first pass will have issues with it. Some I may already know about with ready solutions, some need working out, some I know still need resolving but don't yet know how, and I'm guessing there are some issues I haven't even considered. Thanks in advance, and I apologize in advance if I don't get a response to you sooner than later.

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