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  • GaP Draft4 = T101: PProd - Pre-Series Short
  • GaP Draft5 = G.O: T101 Pre-Series Short Review & Discussion
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DRAFT #1 = Glossed And Profound: Origin Story, A Brief History On How These Projects Came To Be

GLOSSED AND PROFOUND - Origin Story, A Brief History On How These Projects Came To Be

For the /s/BittersweetSeeds, /s/Trutherism101, /s/GlossedAndProfound, and /s/GlossedOver projects.

First posted: 2019-06-xx   |   Last update: 2019-06-xx


GaP - Origin Story, A Brief History On How These Projects Came To Be


GaP - Introduction

Can a story change the world?

Can the right story save humanity from itself? Can we finally root out the worst evils and break free from these eternal hierarchical systems of enslavement?

People believe words on a page that portend to be God. Not all religious texts can be the one true faith, so most if not all must be false.

People also buy into the stories they see on the screen, even if they know it's fiction or propaganda. Heck, people buy into animated characters.

Maybe, just maybe, we can show them a glimpse of our fates, shatter their enslaving illusions, and motivate lust for liberty in this revolution for our minds.

Maybe, just maybe, we can offer better alternatives and solutions, authentic democracy, radical self-reliance, fulfillment, and a more genuine freedom.



Bittersweet Seeds - BsS Origins

/s/BittersweetSeeds + Content Overview + wiki + InfoGalactic BsS project



Trutherism 101 - T101 Origins

/s/Trutherism101 + Content Overview + wiki + InfoGalactic T101 project


Bittersweet Bloat


Bittersweet Docu

copied from T101 - Preamble

One of my first versions was proposed to James Corbett years ago with main chapters. I had no vision for how the content would be presented, much less characters. In addition to James Corbett, I tried to collaborate with many other YouTube content creators. The more I tried the more my ideas crystallized while I realized I needed to do it myself and show them what I was talking about.

I revised and misplaced and rebuilt several versions of my "getting woke template" idea. I was really stuck on using soundbites, samples, references, and sources - as if my ideas needed to be legitimized, rather than being strong enough on my own. For a long time I lacked the confidence to say what I wanted to say.


Fork Bittersweet

copied from T101 - Preamble

Another 2015-2017 project outline, was titled, "Bittersweet Seeds - Part 1 Fun-Da-Mental Docu-Montage Project". It was still very tightly attached to Bitterswet Seeds, as I'd imagined them being supplemental content for a long time. Eventually I realized they needed to be distinctly different. I had a handful of wacky names but it wasn't long until I decided to go for clarity and simplicity with "Trutherism 101".

I'm certain I've made (and emailed) other outlines, though I can't seem to find them. For about 9 years I made VOLUMES of notes that are just not organized. I'd have an idea and try to capture it. Some are longer or better than others. All randomly jumbled together with a word count enough to fill a few bibles. Looking for them is painfully odious and tedious. Usually I start trying to organize my brilliant thoughts but my tenacity is never enough to make a dint in the mountain and that is tremendously discouraging.


T101 Structure

One of my first versions was proposed to James Corbett years ago with main chapters:

  • interesting intro
  • warning, think for yourself (not always easy, sometimes like painful dominoes)
  • illusion / hypnosis / mind control (everyone can be tricked)
  • Machiavelli & friends + full spectrum dominance
  • a brief history of propaganda, public relations, & social engineering
  • more than one history for more than one perspective
  • the 20th Century revisionist history never taught
  • the 20th Century cultural engineering never taught
  • the 20th Century minority perspectives never taught
  • Sept 2001 = 6 events incl anthrax + financial crimes + full spectrum cover-up
  • more staged events, then & now
  • other useful deep state definitions and concepts
  • politics of dialectics, punching down, & manipulation
  • central banksters, war, and GOD (gold oil drugs)
  • secret societies, satanism, pedophocracy
  • UFOs, flat Earth, Bigfoot, misinfo, & other wonderful woo
  • future plans and warnings from the New World Order
  • future speculations
  • some solutions & resistance under & outgrowing full spectrum infiltration & dominance
  • dealing with a monsterous paradigm shift & existential angst


I revised and lost and rebuilt several version of my "getting woke template" idea. I was really stuck on using soundbites, samples, references, and sources - as if my ideas needed to be legitimized, rather than being strong enough on my own.

Another "2015-2017 Project Outline" (stripped of notes) for reference:

Part 1 Fun-Da-Mental Docu-Montage Project

  • Intro
    • Intro - Opening Titles & Credits
    • Pre-Intro - Intro
    • Intro - Intro
    • Intro - Body
    • Intro - Outro
  • Mind Step
    • Evolution
    • Great Minds
    • Illusions - We're All Only Human
    • Evil Master Minds
  • Origins & History Of Control
    • Control - Intro
    • Control - Religion = Social Virus
    • Control - Historical Context = Understand Patterns, Our Present & Future Paths
    • Control - Mass Media = Social Control
    • Control - War On Drugs
    • Control - War On Terror
    • Control - War On Truth (Whistleblowers)
    • Control - War On Security (& Cyber)
    • Control - Secrets & 'Conspiracies' = Shadow Corporatocracy (Elites, Agencies, Activities, Agendas)
    • Control - Mind Control = Social Viruses (Dogma, Propaganda, Religion, Patriotism, Banking & Capitalism)
    • Control - Shock Doctrine
  • Free Bodies & Minds = Social Virtues (Skepticism, Dissent, Criticism, Atheism, Anarchy, Freemen)
    • Intro
  • Capitalist Taboos = Cooperative Socialism, Authentic Solutions, Revolutions & Radical Reforms
    • Intro
  • Alternative Solution
    • Intro
  • Demise
    • Demise - Intro
    • Demise - Outro
  • End Credits & Messages
    • Social Network Ideas
  • Must-See Docus [And References] I Share (A Short Incomplete List)


And of course there's the "Truther Newbie Crash Course" with Levels 1A, 1B, 2, and 3 (to add to InfoGalactic TNCC, eventually).




Truther Top 20s - TT20s Origins

/s/TrutherTop20s + Content Overview on wiki + InfoGalactic TT20 project

copied from T101 - Preamble

Of course there's also my chaotic and very incomplete "Truther" article on InfoGalactic that I started chipping away at since 2017-02-07, much like my "Truther Top 20s" article on InfoGalactic since 2018-04-01, and the "Truther Newbie Crash Course" with Levels 1A, 1B, 2, and 3.



Truther Newbie Crash Course - TNCC Origins

/s/TrutherTop20s/wiki/TNCC + InfoGalactic TNCC

This "Truther Newbie Crash Course", aka TNCC, was initialized in this "How To Gently Red Pill Newbie Truthers" post and these comments: Level 1, Level 1b, Level 2, and Level 3. Initially these lists were together but growing with too many characters for a single comment, they were split into separate comments, but on 2019-06-21 they were reunited on this wiki page to find more easily with simpler updating access for everyone.

Dynamic Freedom Proposal - DFP Origins

copied from T101 - Preamble

We all need solutions too. On 2018-11-02 I started what was intended to be an open essay letter for my idea of the only solution I can see for us all to keep truth-seeking alive, but 13 days later I discovered and got addicted to Nonetheless, I really should finish my "Dynamic Freedom Proposal" on InfoGalactic - about how we all need simple open-source plug an play federated servers in all of our homes - just like every other large technology, from furnaces to fridges, heating water to cooling air, or washing dishes and drying clothes. We must not get trapped in some amorphous cloud dreaming of digital heaven at the merciless whims of some corporatocracy god(zilla)s. We need a free and open, transparent and decentralized, alt-Internet to be free to seek and share hard truths, better alternatives, and solutions. Without freedom to communicate, all other freedoms and hope will be lost.

Glossed And Profound - GaP Origins

/s/GlossedAndProfound + Content Overview + wiki + InfoGalactic GaP project



Glossed Over - G.O Origins

/s/GlossedOver + Content Overview + wiki + InfoGalactic G.O






G.O - Feedback

The /s/BittersweetSeeds, /s/BittersweetSeeds, /s/BittersweetSeeds subsaidits and their posts are locked, for publishing only, and they'll be updated over time.

Please freely join in on this dedicated /s/GlossedOver open discussion, and specifically about this "Glossed And Profound Origin Story" give feedback with [comments and reviews here](▶▶▶▶▶_ADD LINK HERE!!!_◀◀◀◀◀).

I welcome all constructive criticism. This first pass will have issues with it. Some I may already know about with ready solutions, some need working out, some I know still need resolving but don't yet know how, and I'm guessing there are some issues I haven't even considered. Thanks in advance, and I apologize in advance if I don't get a response to you sooner than later.

Glossed And Profound & Glossed Over & Truther Top 20s = FLOSS content ◀
Bittersweet Seeds & Trutherism 101 © Jason Carswell of Glossed And Profound
▶ Once established with sufficient momentum, sustainability, and security, these projects will be open-sourced. Upon the untimely demise of Jason Carswell all become F/LOSS.
/s/GlossedOver + Content Overview + wiki, participation discussion over all 5 projects
/s/GlossedAndProfound + Content Overview + wiki, management
/s/BittersweetSeeds + Content Overview + wiki, in development
/s/Trutherism101 + Content Overview + wiki + InfoGalactic T101, in development
/s/TrutherTop20s + wiki + InfoGalactic TT20, ongoing
▶ donate options + merchandise store = coming eventually,, and were registered on 2019-05-01 for future use. Long in conception, finally here on SaidIt, the official origin place, started on May Day, 2019. May 1 is a metonym for International Workers Day, a day of celebration of the working class. Behind it lies a complex largely forgotten history dating back over one-and-a-half centuries. Look into it.

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