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/s/GlossedAndProfound + Content Overview + wiki + InfoGalactic GaP project

All Glossed And Profound content, discussions, posts, comments, and images are free and open source like SaidIt, however note, though forks may come or go, Glossed And Profound will always be the official original source.

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Glossed And Profound & Glossed Over & Truther Top 20s = FLOSS content ◀
Bittersweet Seeds & Trutherism 101 © Jason Carswell of Glossed And Profound
▶ Once established with sufficient momentum, sustainability, and security, these projects will be open-sourced. Upon the untimely demise of Jason Carswell all become F/LOSS.
/s/GlossedOver + Content Overview + wiki, participation discussion over all 5 projects
/s/GlossedAndProfound + Content Overview + wiki, management
/s/BittersweetSeeds + Content Overview + wiki, in development
/s/Trutherism101 + Content Overview + wiki + InfoGalactic T101, in development
/s/TrutherTop20s + wiki + InfoGalactic TT20, ongoing
▶ donate options + merchandise store = coming eventually
▶ On 2019-05-01,, and were registered for future use. Long in conception, finally here on SaidIt, the official origin place, started on May Day, 2019. May 1 is a metonym for International Workers Day, a day of celebration of the working class. Behind it lies a complex largely forgotten history dating back over one-and-a-half centuries. Look into it.
▶ On 2021-05-01,,,,,,,, and Volun.Tube were registered for future use.

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