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That's pretty interesting, bro.

Although, i'm pretty sure many extreme explosions can create mushroom clouds. Particularly [thermobaric bombs]().

Also, you may want to check this out.

This one is deep down the rabbit hole. The comments are immature, but the analysis is interesting.
I think they may be correct...

Question: Why Doesn't The US Army Develop Thermobaric Weapons?

Answer: Cause they have an elaborate hoax that they want to maintain. ;-)

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Oh yeah I've seen lots of detractors of the assertion it's a nuke. BUT IT IS MOST DEFINITELY A NUCLEAR WEAPON.

Thermobaric weapons don't emit radiations, they don't make a column of plasma either.

Nuclear weapons DO exist. They don't get used in warfare because aliens come and prevent their detonation. This was just a mountainside with possibly zero people in it. But still. 100% nuke.

Yeah I get that the nuke test films all look strange. Just like the moon landing. Strange pictures doesn't mean something doesn't exist. It means possibly doctored pictures, hiding or showing whatever the filmmakers want to show or hide. Maybe in the 153news video it truly is a composite of multiple cameras (gee wouldn't you think they have more than ONE camera filming this?) with different types of film and whatnot, in order to capture different aspects. As for the 1945 test, the film may well have been made from a plane at high altitude from very far away.

I personally know a guy in France who has a geiger counter, and saw his counter go nuts one time. After some digging, he came up with the "fake news of the alleged nuke detonated in the Ukraine" story some days prior. Just coincidence, I'm sure. No, nukes are real. They are just not going to be used in warfare, at least not anything bigger than a conventional weapon.

EDIT: This blast:

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They don't get used in warfare because aliens come and prevent their detonation.

Alien intervention is more probable than a global super power hoax?

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Who said "probable"? Aliens and UFOs are REAL and preventing detonation of nukes is one of their reasons for coming here. If you look at the timeline of the "surge" of UFO sightings, it coincides surprisingly well with the development of (OK, I'll humor you: alleged) nuclear weapons.

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I was a huge fan of UFO and alien theories.

I specifically recall looking forward to all of the footage we'd get to see when smart phones became popular and video cameras were carried everywhere.

Unfortunately/fortunately, these images/videos never materialized.
It's difficult to imagine a situation where the aliens went away because everyone has cameras, but it's not difficult to imagine why government hoaxters would quit playing their games.

Of course, I could be incorrect in this assessment. I haven't come across sufficiently compelling info to change my mind.

Did you happen to watch the video? If nukes aren't fake, then someone should be able to explain why every nuke video has been edited and doctored.

I recognize you as a rare critical-thinker with a similar world view, so hopefully you can take a look at the video and let me know what i'm missing. Also, please send me a link to the alien evidence (not witness testimony), because I've been looking for that, as well.

Edit: Here's another mushroom cloud explosion from Tianjen in 2015]( It's a night time event, but the huge mushroom cloud can still be seen. Non-nuke.

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Yeah I'm always on the fence about that Tianjin one: of course a chemicals plant would make a non-nuclear, huge fireball. That is a given. It would even do so if NUKED by a tactical nuke. But you are right: I do not see any telltales of undeniable plasma or radiation emanating from this. All the videos I have seen however are of low quality and from such a distance that I can't personally say for sure. Some people from veteranstoday looked at the aftermath and saw a parking lot, some hundreds of yards (meters) away from the center of the blast, and all the radiators had exploded and the tires were vaporized to small piles of ash. They state, and I concur, that this is a sign of an EXTREME heat, which is simply not possible at this distance with a chemical explosion.

Here's a picture:

Notice how there is not a trace of the soot that SHOULD be seen on the cars' fenders if the tires burnt. They were VAPORIZED or somehow burnt at such high temperatures that they did not undergo any kind of normal combustion.

However, I can't find their article on the site anymore. There's this however:

And indeed they explain how modern, 5th generation, small tactical nukes provide vastly different looking explosions from the old stuff from the mid 20th century.

I'll probably add more to this post about the UFOs later.

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Did you watch the video?

Each and every video has been been physically altered. They point out the specifics. There's no reason to do that.

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Yes there is: UFOs.

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They edit nuke testing footage to add booking bubbles inside s blast hemisphere, or fast forward a sunrise (literally a recorded sunrise) to appear to be a nuke flash... cause UFOs?

You have to watch these. It's all PsyOp nonsense.

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What's difficult to understand about this? They wanted people to know about nukes but not about UFOs. ESPECIALLY NOT about UFOs watching and managing human use of these "toys". Well until now. NOW they want people to know about UFOs and forget about nukes, thinking there are only the multi-megaton type.

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It's hard to watch because the guy commenting is such a FUCKING ASSHOLE FROM HELL. He can't edit his own video? He complains about the quality and repeated scenes IN HIS OWN VIDEO. What a two-legged TURD.

Also, 153news is a shill site. I forget it's controlled by whom exactly but its mission is fake debunking, a bit like Snopes.

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Here's an interesting one that is exactly what you need: a UFO taken by a cellphone. Too bad it also films a (OK I'll humor you again: an alleged) nuke.

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Riddle me this then: Why do a lot of military UFO whistleblowers over the years break open the secret about the UFOs by explaining their interference with nuclear weapons? This is worth reasoning through, isn't it?

So if nukes don't exist, what are the UFOs doing there? If nukes don't exist, the UFOs don't either, except some files have been declassified showing how they really actually do. So UFOs exist but not nukes, so these "whistleblowers" were actually all smokeblowers-upourasses.

BUT WHY? Why would they reveal the TRUTH about the existence of UFOs, which was the whole point of their testimonies and then ENTIRELY INVENT WHOLE SCENARIOS about aliens disabling nukes. And if it's NOT UFOs/aliens that did these fairly numerous erm... "interventions" at missile silos and nuclear bombs, because they don't exist so why would they, then WHY did ANYBODY talk about it in the first place???

Since you are a big fan of UFO / Alien information, I believe it is wholly superfluous to provide you with links to UFO disclosure videos, but here's one for anybody else reading this who doesn't know WTF I'm talking about:

We're talking about senior Air Force officers here, actual defense ministers, and other heavyweights, coming forward to testify about UFOs and their activities, in a time (around the turn of the century) when you passed positively for a tinfoil hat nut and a kook for daring to assert that aliens were anything but some crazy sci-fi BS.

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Wait, you don't know about aliens & UFOs and nukes?

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Here, look around the 20 second mark. It's a timelapse obviously but you can see it.

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What am i looking at?

  • The film overlays of fake nuke blasts?
  • The one that is obviously a large volume of air raising up under water?
  • The huge brushed-in grey shockwave cloud that miracusiously transitions to clouds gently floating in the distant back ground?

Each of those sequences has been clearly altered.

Q: Why would they need to alter legitimate nuclear blasts?
A: The wouldn't; but they did, cause they're fake. ;-)

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You're looking at an UFO examining the blast from up close. They're altering those movies because of the UFOs they want to hide. This sample from the archives was taken from the 'wrong' pile or something, because the UFO is visible. UFOs have visited EVERY. SINGLE. nuclear detonation.

You must be able to question your beliefs when presented with evidence that they might be wrong. If you are unwilling to do this, then I don't see what we can discuss. Ever.

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That looks like an artifact of the cloudy sky overlay that was the last remnant of the disappearing clouds.

Slow the video down to ~25% and it's pretty clear that the disappearing clouds were horizontally shaped, and this was the last cloud removed.

You must be able to question your beliefs when presented with evidence that they might be wrong. If you are unwilling to do this, then I don't see what we can discuss. Ever.

I'm surprised you would put such extreme conditions on our conversations.

I watched the video you made. That's the first nuke scene. Here's the next series of scenes.

1 disappearing clouds nuke.
2. A sunrise through the clouds (the clouds are an overlay, so the don't move. Some are added to the scene half way through.).
3. I'm not sure what they're filming. Probably similar to #5 with a different angle, and more slow motion.
4. Also not sure what this is? The clouds under it don't move.
A overlay of static dark clouds at the bottom. Smoke above it for effect.
There's no texture to the smoke. Looks fake AF.
5. A slow motion recording of a large volume of gas rising through a liquid (cooking oil, water, I'm not sure, but you can see the separated bubbles floating through).
Filmed from the side. Colorized.
6. A super bright orange nuke, that is so intensely bright and luminous that there is a clearly defined shadow cast upon the ground from the sun. 😑

If these superheated events we happening then the mushroom cloud should glow like carbon soot glows inside a flame.

Instead it's a cold gray smoke color.

Plus a bunch of scenes filmed to pretend like they're filming or witnessing something.

Why would they make a point of filming people film the nuke?
Where are the multiples of copies of these nuke recordings?

I'm open to considering alternatives.

I evaluate and analyze my beliefs on a regular basis.
Nothing is hammered into our minds like nuclear war and nukes.... so why do these videos look so weird, edited, and staged?

Edit. Please go to 0:44 seconds into the film and pause.

There's a scene where a film camera is positioned in front of a projection screen.
There is a nuke video being projected onto the screen, and the reflection is reflecting upon the lighting up the front side of the camera.

How does this make any sense?

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I'm only talking about the 0:19 to 0:21 sequence. Nothing else.

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Bro. I think I see what you're pointing out.

Unfortunately, it's all centered in the middle of the most suspiciously altered videos of all time.

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I'm plenty sure if you look at other "versions" of that same video, the UFO isn't there.

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Do you happen to notice all of the additional details that I'm pointing out?

The film overlays? The bubbles? The clouds? Etc.?

I can sorta see what you're identifying, but I'm distracted by the... Um... other stuff.

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In that 2-second segment you mean?

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I'm not trying to hate on the nukes/UFO story.

Just shining some light on some suspicious details.

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Since you know them so well, which test would you say that was? The first US thermonuke?