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interesting article. the war in Afghanistan has bound the USA to Pakistan for a long time now, the increasing distance from Pakistan and growing closeness with the "new factory of the world"(India) is going to be one of the massive shakeups of the foreign policy world over the next 5 to 10 years. China-Pakistan balanced against India-USA-SEA, another tense front one wrong move from igniting world war 3. This growing reality will no doubt shape China's thinking, surrounded on all sides by US backed allies will no doubt further fuel an increasingly uncontrollable Chinese nationalism. Interesting times

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another flashpoint might come from china's maritime silk road, they control some deep sea ports (eg ceylon) in the area. but the indian navy is tasked to take control of the indian ocean. so in a way, india is also surrounded by china.

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but i remember something about cfr being behind f.a.

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Here is the list of top Chinese companies in India