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i deny them even that. its a skull and bones creation. i dont see how there can be anything 'free' in an utterly controlled society such as this. freedom is really only found in the dictionary and even there, not for long, i expect. just in case you did not watch corbetts work on china, i highly recommend you watch it. especially relevant in this context is the part about the eight immortals. starts about 31:30. there we can see how economic freedom is merely viewed as 'flies and mosquitos that can be tolerated' (in the interest of bigger gains).

the originally state controlled economy was allowed just enough freedom, so that the immortals and their families can take over the private sector. iow it is free in name only and as is always the case both the state and private economy is controlled by the same actors and at the higher international level by the rockefellers (via CITIC with henry kissinger as one of the brokers and chief adviser).

“Rong senior also played a key role in the further opening up of the Chinese economy after the suppression of the anti-government protests in May and June of 1989. Deng Xiaoping justified the massacre of workers and students in Tiananmen Square on the grounds that it was necessary to defend the ‘socialist system’. In reality, it was aimed at crushing the opposition of the working class to the impact of the regime’s free market policies.”

soon after this, the propaganda about china being the good guy in the us vs china conflict is also highlighted.