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Well in recent time, I've had these TRAs tell me that I'm wrong because the definition of "man" and "woman" has changed to "gender". That whenever you see these terms in some documentation, it'll say "gender" instead of sex and then you fill it in as "man", "woman" (and "other" these days...) Or if you ask people what their "gender" is, they'll say "man" or "woman" (or "nonbinary"...)

That is because many people are too prudish to say the word "sex" and say "gender" instead.

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Trans ideology wouldn't have gotten so far if "gender" hadn't been used as a polite synonym for "sex". If there was a totally different, unrelated word to refer to ladyfeelz, trans ideology would not have gotten anywhere.

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Why shouldn't you use the dictionary?

Why argue with these people anyway, pointless. Imo

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Why shouldn't you use the dictionary?

I'm not sure, I've heard some GC feminists say that using the dictionary isn't the best way to combat trans ideology and I think they say this because just like how we say that transgenerism literature is based in opinion, these people will say the same about the dictionary.

Why argue with these people anyway, pointless. Imo

Believe me I get that and after the last few interactions I've had about this, I think I'll be "noping" out whenever these TRAs do this. I was just generally curious on what others thought about this particular angle.

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This is why I try to use male and female when using biology because at least that can't be redefined. Though it does frustrate me when I see online applications ask for "gender" and in the drop down menu they have listed "male" and "female". At this point, these people will rewrite anything so you don't have a "gotcha".

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It is irrelevant to policy questions whether man and woman now refer to gender instead of sex. Say we have defined these words to meaninglessness. The concept of sex still exists and is what is relevant to (womens sports, womens restroom and locker rooms, healthcare, sexual orientation, etc.) Call it AFAB sports, AFAB locker rooms, AFAB healthcare, AFABosexual, for all I care, because these things aren't separated based the arbitrary syllables in wo/man but the concept of sex. (Joking to make a logical point aside - Don't. Capitulation isn't worth it and doesn't work, and most people won't know wtf any of that shit is supposed to mean.)

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I'm glad you were joking about the last part because I hate when people say "AFAB" or "AMAB". A few people I follow who are blind trans supporters use these terms and I cringe and wince every time because as we all know, no one is "assigned" anything at birth, like what does that even mean? lol.