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Personally I don't like that look on women or men.

Yes it could be rooted in gender stereotypes that you describe but men in general also dislike excessive skinniness and obesity; as do women I have to say. There is no body positive movement for male bodies! None of this gives the men at the gym the right to be so openly rude, a predominantly male affliction

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Personally I don't like that look on women or men.

Totally fair, I've met people on both sides who think the bodybuilder look is too extreme and not appealing.

but men in general also dislike excessive skinniness and obesity; as do women I have to say.

Yeah you're right there, well in general. You do have those kind of men who actually are attracted to the whole "BBW" thing though you have to wonder if it's true attraction or just the act of control they like to have over on these women.

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You'd have to ask the men themselves what their attraction is. From the few conversations I've ever had it's the sheer volumptousness almost sensory that appealed. Also I'm a bit dominant in bed and have never yet found a man who didn't like it or wanted to dominant me. this is anecdotal I know but sometimes I think these theories are constructed without ever consulting the people they're about! In any other theory this would be really bad form, idk

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That's fair. I've really only talked to 3 guys about this at my job (which is a gym lol). 2 of them said that they feel women who build too much muscle look manly and the other one kept it short and sweet with "just not my type".

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Well, personally, I find non-body built women to be better looking, but it's to do with the "preference of lines', Like, I like "smooth" outlines on a person's body and one that reminds me of elegance of a curled frond, men achieve this look too and it's the type of look I like in men. (just sharing my perception of beauty).

Now the part about "these women are "trying to become men", these comments have always rubbed me the wrong way.", those comments feel wrong to me too. They're women who just like to sculpt their bodies and one time, I wished I had that body too. I can imagine the respect I can demand, but that doesn't mean I'm trying to be a "man", I just want to empower myself and I imagine that some of these ladies, might even want to do that too. Those men, I'm not surprised, probably find it "jarring' to see a woman who can overpower them. My cynism and misandry will say "they fear the muscle bound woman", but there's me trying to find the most logical view point that in the case of men aren't being intimidated or shocked, they're probably speaking from a respectable kind of way from the perspective of seeing their muscle bound bros who are musclly...but then again, if it was was respectable it wouldn't be "trying" now would it?

I'm trying to imagine the tone here to give a benefit of the doubt, but it's not working, because my bet is that you probably wouldn't post this if it didn't sound bad in tone and as if like these men are taking the existence of these ladies as an affront to themselves.