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I suggest posting the whole thing, and also posting it again divided into separate sections. That way you have the best chance of reaching people with markedly different attention spans.

Lots of written works that became books which were published all of a piece started out as chapters published serially in newspapers.

Music has followed a similar pattern. Musicians make whole albums they think of as collective works, but single songs short enough for radio airplay have always been spun off from record albums and sold and promoted separately.

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Yeah I already was gonna try to use the chapters features that will help break up the video without having to re-upload them into separate but I think separate parts might still be a good idea so I'll definitely take this into consideration.

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Yes personally if it's well argued and thoughtful. Wouldn't watch the Bible belt interpretation, no offense intended to Bible belters

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Oh for sure, this is coming from the perspective of a leftist gay man who is also gender nonconforming in appearance who is agnostic so religion definitely will not be a thing in this essay haha.