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It's a red flag any time an adult male shows a fixation with little girls. It might mean he wants to BE one, or it might mean he's a pedo. Or both. Either way, steer clear!

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This is very useful and interesting. I hadn't thought about 5) and I don't think I've experienced it. I have certainly learned about the dangers of excess porn, even without the AGP angle. Once upon a time I thought crossdressing might be an acceptable kink, now I don't, given that culture has made this a slippery slope.

One point: >There's no explanation on why some autistic or nerdy men turn out to be AGP - it could be exposure to internet culture (which is common to both autistic men and women!) that draws them into internet communities (cough /r/egg_irl) that discuss or encourage aspects of the fetish or transitioning or some component.

There are actually a lot of theories about the connections between autism and AGP. Austistic people suffer social isolation and tend to feel very different from others, which often becomes interpreted as 'gender dysphoria' by activist online communities, social workers and lazy psychologists. They tend to fixate on things and therefore become obsessed with trans identities themselves.

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I mean basically any man who has a paraphilic fetish.

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I think number 1 is quite interesting. I do think there are definitely ways of a man dressing in a more gender non-conforming way without being AGP. From the late 70s to 00s, there has definitely been fashions, often around music fandom like glamrock, goth, new romantics, punk, metal, grunge, alt-rock, etc, where men have been more gender non-conforming. Long hair, eye-liner, nail varnish, often more flamboyant touches to their clothing including adoption of kilt wearing, lacy blouses, etc. None of which sets off AGP alarm bells for me. It's pushing the boat out for what male fashions can be but it's not mimicry of womanhood.

On the other hand, I've come across men, who claim to be just men who like more interesting fashion for women, who set off immediate alarm bells for me. This amateur figure skater, for example, I just don't feel like he's a man pushing at the bounds of fashion. For me, the fact that the kind of dress he wears, is basically a leotard with a decorative tiny skirt is suspicious. The leotard bottom, is skimpy enough on a woman it would be woefully inadequate for someone with male genitalia, once that skirt flares up, as it's designed to do on rotations. So I feel that is at least one paraphilia, maybe two being practiced in public.