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Trans children although that's such a huge, developing area you couldn't hope to cover it all as part of one video. I truly believe it's a medical scandal in the making.

Are you looking at gender stereotypes specifically, I'm assuming so.

Detransitioners - their voices are (to me at least) some of the most important voices in the room. Re transmen Scott Newgent is absolutely fascinating.

You might be better doing a summary video then several shorter ones on what you feel are the most important issues.

Gender critical or just inquisitive psychologists are very interesting. Theories about how puberty blockers actually prevent normal development in every way even when stopped, horrifying.

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Yeah it's more or less gonna be a summary tbh. I don't want the video to be too long but I want to have something I can refer people back to when they ask me why I don't believe in gender ideology because it gets annoying typing out something akin to a wall of text to explain myself.

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Good list, 2 notes from me: 1) maybe talk about the effects on children specifically if the ideology is accepted (e.g. if people are born trans then you can start transitioning at any age which ignores the fact that most kids desist by adulthood, which I guess dovetails into your "homosexual erasure" and "nonconforming" points) and 2) I believe the attempted suicide rate of 41% stat is not very reliable; check out the "Gender: A Wider Lens Podcast". Can't remember which episode, but they discuss the Swedish (?) study that was actually a self-reported survey & therefore not very trustworthy. TRAs usually use this stat to spout the old "do you want a dead son or a live daughter?" nonsense, but there is likely not much truth behind it. Haven't watched your other video yet - any chance you can post a link on this thread? - but good luck with it! Make sure to research thoroughly so they can't poke holes in your arguments, and thanks for fighting the good fight.

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Thanks for the feedback! I think your suggestion on the transing of kids and the negative conseqences would be a good lead into the discussion of homosexual erasure and gender nonconformity. It's just gonna be a little awkward because I know for some people, transing their kid so they don't become gay is something some parents want... Bit maybe if I explain the reality of what happens when you put kids on puberty blockers and how it can mess with their brain development and sex development problems, it can show that it really is a form of child abuse if you allow a child to do this to themselves.

And thanks for the tip on the 41%. I think what I'm gonna do instead is explain that "transition" doesn't fix anything in the long run because these trans-identified men and women still suffer from depression and that it can lead to suicidal idealization and that the money used on these ridiculous surgeries and drugs could be used for better mental healthcare avenues (that aren't gender affirmation).

Make sure to research thoroughly so they can't poke holes in your arguments

Right, this is why it's taken me a year to think about this and I'm still having a bit of difficulty writing my script LOL I have some key notes down though so all I'm trying to do is get organized. As for my previous video, I might post it here but I'm not sure because it was more of a general top 10 unpopular opinions of "LGBT" where I briefly go over certain things I don't agree with when it comes to the "LGBTQA+++"