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The real problem is that society(at least in the US and Western Europe) has deemed this to be acceptable. This insanity is the logical extension of society's validation of the very notion of "being born in the wrong body". That never should have happened. Once that happened, the floodgates opened and here we all are, bombarded with the gender woo woo bullshit on a daily basis.

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    Actually having gender dysphoria doesn't automatically make you transgender/transsexual once upon a time.

    Dysphoria has been managed through therapy and if years of therapy didnt work then its hormone therapy and sex reassignment surgery was seen as a last resort treatment (and this is the reason why transition regret was almost unheard of back then).

    In contrast to today, medical professionals are forced to encourage transitioning rather than attempting to treat gender dysphoria with therapy first. Hell you can even identify as trans without actually transitioning or having gender dysphoria. What a joke.