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It is also unclear how far along the two inmates are, and whether they plan to continue with their respective pregnancies.

So these women could potentially give birth to a baby in prison, and what? Immediately give it up for the foster system? Putting further strain on stressed systems, and bringing a child who will statistically be 2.5 times more likely to become an inmate itself? Who will be paying the hospital bills? What's the likelihood this happens again?

Thank god we didn't hurt the feelings of the transgender, though. THAT would be criminal.

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Consensual sex?

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Update: one of the inmates said the sex was consensual.

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Hoping both were. Can't imagine the trauma of getting pregnant from non consensual sex

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Prison bosses said that in both instances, the sex was consensual.

Of course, that is what they would say. I imagine the two inmates who previously sued and said TiMs were harassing the female inmates might beg to differ.

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Bubba consents

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On one hand, these women haven't seen a man in years, at that point it doesn't matter if he's crazy and thinks he's a chick. On the other hand, he's a batshit crazy degenerate in a prison. I'd say we can't really know.