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The 41% thing has been long debunked. The success of people like Levine and so many others clearly demonstrates that trans status (for those born male, anyway) isn't holding anyone back. I believe there are stats which show that transwomen are more likely to be perpetrators of homicide than victims of it. The sheer number of violent transwomen in prisons applying for transfers would seem to be a testament to the fact that no, this is not a marginalized and vulnerable population.

I do think society is very quickly peaking, however. The thing about trans awareness is that making people aware of what trans is doesn't do 'trans rights' any favours.

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They are all just useful idiots. Pervy, useless to us and to society and the real world, but useful to destroy society so it can be remade into some thing very few alive today probably can even imagine. James Lindsay's (love or hate, or both, him) most recent podcast deals how this all ties into grooming kids

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Yes. I see the largest geographical state has a ban on almost all legal abortion, and neither fossil nor this SJW VP (who identifies as Asian Indian, Black, now today Jewish, plus "she/her" care to speak about. Fuck Kamala, I don't care if she has a vagina if she won't acknowledge what that means. No intention of voting for either in 2024.

Meanwhile one perv gets butthurt by a Black woman calling out some perv's PENIS in a women's nude spa can't even be identified.

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I'm not against trans people or men who like them or whatever. I think I may be more moderate than some GC people. I just think there are some policy decisions (prisons, shelters, illegal speech, detrans issues, the consent of minors, dubious approach to medical intervention, munchausen by proxy, government statistics, etc) that aren't being made sensibly.

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Same here. This is actually the one trans day I don't mind. Let's keep Transgender Day of Remembrance and get rid of the dozens of other pointless awareness days.

I just wish TRAs would be honest about things. Their credibility is near zero at this point. It's tough to have sympathy when you can't trust anything these activists say.

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I'm in agreement with both the original poster and Jason. I don't despise the moderate reasonable trans I do have a burning hot hatred for the ones like Richard Levine and it's ilk. You destroyed women's rights and women's quest for proper health care for what? Women now languish in anguish for necessary procedures like breast reductions and cancer treatments. We're told gas lit even that it's just as hard for them. Fuck you it's not. You transgender morons get the red carpet rolled out for you especially in countries which socialized health care. You've got our sports. Girls work hard for years to prove their the best at their chosen non artistic sport(no offense to gymnastics and figure skating) and now? We have to share the stage with a fucking man. If we speak out we're told even by our own gps(general practitioners) well that trans did lose. You Fuckers don't get it. Sometimes I pray people don't have little girls because how do you tell them to dream and work towards greatness when some agp can just bulk up take some hormones and steal what they've worked for in a matter of days? What about the victims in places like Loudon County who dealt with that sick sexual predator who's mistake of a caretaker continued to blame the victims at its sentencing? They didn't do enough they should have fought back. I Agree with the op saying how much they hate them for making them an extraordinarily privileged group. I read a thing on flipboard how they were dying at an allegedly alarming rate how allegedly us normies are possibly to blame. No we're not totally to blame and here's why. You come to our spaces especially female spaces you demand we date you, roll out the red carpet for you demand more treatment then we give our own beloved parents and family. You demand we kiss your feet or eww suck your girl dicks and when we refuse you and your allies call us awful things and threaten to rape us, beat us, stalk us. Now you're whinging that we don't care about trans deaths? We're ignoring the body count? Oh you sweet summer child we're celebrating the body count.

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Uh, speak for yourself. I'm not celebrating anyone's death. The TRA movement is toxic, but I don't wish death on any trans people. This kind of rhetoric can only harm our cause.

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I'm not celebrating anyone's death. But I don't care if they kill themselves. Suicide is after all a personal choice.

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That seems very cruel to me. Suicide is a murder of sorts, of one's self, and it leaves behind other victims, not just the person in pain.

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Ya and all sorts of people do it. They aren't special, and I refuse to care more about them.

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Well, to each their own.

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This proves once and for all that Ellen is a fraud, a handmaid, and an enabler of the oligarchy. I'm glad her show is going off the air. I hope she never works in Hollywood again. I will only support openly gay celebrities if they support #DropTheT.