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It's a lot easier to pass in pictures due to posing, lighting, and filters. Someone passing in a picture does not mean they'd pass in real life.

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Exactly! Most of the time they can't even pass in photos:

And most of the photos don't even show their whole body (let alone the way the move & sound).

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Iv'e never seen any TIMs that pass as I can usually clock them by just looking at their knees as males legs don't have that inward slant known as the Q angle, their bones are bigger too so again, if you look at their kneecaps they tend to be bigger. Their hands are usually a giveaway too as the tendons are much thicker and the size of them is larger, they also tend to have really short torsos compared to their limb length so their body proportions are very different to most women's as their arms and legs look almost too long for their bodies. Not to mention the hips are narrow especially when compared to the width of their waist and shoulders. TIFs have a slightly better chance at passing however you can usually see they have very delicate bones , especially when looking at their hands as they are often small as well as the wrists. They are often quite short too with some still having quite a curvy figure, the facial hair can sometimes be very thin and wispy and the facial features are quite soft and rounded.

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Blaire White to me passes in all the vids I've seen of them. They're like the 1 percent or the 0.1 percent.

The rest look like Zinnia or Contra or Riley Penis if they don't try.

Or otherwise like richard levine.

The tifs can pass better but they're all hella short and 98 percent of them wouldn't win a fight with a similarly weighted or above actual male.

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Even Blaire White doesn't pass without lighting & certain camera filters. There was a picture someone posted of him sitting somewhere, without camera filters & just him in a natural setting. You could see that it was Blaire, but he was obviously male, who looked like a male dressed as female.

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I used to think that about Blaire. Then I saw a debate video with Blaire and Candace Owens sitting across from each other and then it became quite obvious that Blaire was a transwoman.

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Blaire White's voice gives him away. I think the only Youtuber who passes is Kat Blaque.

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Blaire mentioned in the Yaniv/Blaire debate video that their voice never dropped. Usually after it does you hear the TIM regress into lower tones even within a video, i.e. JY. And Kat Blaque too.

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But Blaire has got that gay-guy voice that Kat hasn't got.