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Multiple Personality Disorder/DID is a fake illness perpetuated by social contagion. These people don't have multiple personalities, they are often very young, teenagers and young adults, who will grow out of it and admit later on that it was made up.

I highly recommend the book "Sybil Exposed: The Extraordinary Story Behind The Famous Multiple Personality Case" it goes over the psychology behind faking an illness like this, and the social contagion, how it spreaded.

Here are subreddits dedicated to tracking these fakers.

Multiple examples can be found there of the (mostly) teens admitting they were making it up.

I am very interested in social contagions and how they relate to the trans movement. Especially ones involving self-medicating, like trans, DID, anorexia. Suicide however is the most widely known social contagion, where schools, news agencies, etc will be careful of the way they report a suicide so as to not spark a trend of suicides.

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Here are subreddits dedicated to tracking these fakers.

Sorry to dissapoint you but r/fakeddisordercringe has taken the ''TwAnS pEoPlE aRe aLwAyS vAlId1'' pill. They have made a statement that you should NEVER ''misgender'' stunning and brave trans people, even if they are faking being trans (???) So, if calling out any other faked disorder is justified but not TwAnS people, then r/fakeddisordercringe is not a good source for information.

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I didn't post it to be some great source of information, it's Reddit, and the sub is mostly tiktok videos 😆😆 I recommended a book, read that if you want a more educational source, it's really good

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Unsolicited advice: do not take what people say online about themselves (or other topics) at face value, including or perhaps particularly those you meet in mental health chatrooms. People lie all the time IRL. People lie even more on the internet.

Also, whilst mentally ill people can provide one another with support, solace and often helpful information, often it's the case that mentally ill people reinforce each other's mental illnesses, egg each other on and help to worsen one another's problems. Most people with mental illness do best when they have contact with the general population which includes mentally healthy people as well as people who have mental health problems. Spending a lot of time hanging out largely with people who are, or see themselves as, mentally ill is not usually a great idea.

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DiD (Dissociative Identity Disorder) is a very rare condition that has been over diagnosed (self diagnosed) by, usually, teens testing different personalities and trying to figure out who they want to be. They've turned a serious disorder into a fun quirky role play sort of thing. It's super insulting to the rare individual who actually has it. For those who legitimately have DiD, it's usually a trauma response to something that happened as a young child. The brain tries to protect itself by creating an alter to store those trauma memories so the "host" doesn't have to remember them.

See So many teen girls fake it and it's become a bit of a trend, especially on TikTok.

It's completely normal for teenagers to "try on" different personalities for a while as they figure out who they are (jock, prep, etc). Unfortunately, this is a new method for that and it's really insulting to those who do suffer from DiD.

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(From what I know about this subject at least) in case of real sufferers of DID the alters do not know about eachother. Switches between alters happen suddenly, uncontrolably whenever a subject is exposed to something related to their trauma.

What should be a red flag imo is:

  • In case of many teenage girls on tiktok alters always know about eachother, agree to ''front'' if something bad happens or even at will/when they're asked to.

  • Each and EVERY alter whether human or not ALWAYS has their own set of special pronouns.

  • Alters (and the host) know how other alters/host look like. I even saw tiktoks where picrew images of diffrent alters were made. Alters can look COMPLETELY diffrent from the host

  • Talking about alters, one of the main concerning things should be that often alters of DID fakers are the opposite gender or other made up ''non binary'' one. Alters of DID fakers can be also nonhuman or diffrent ages than the host (there is even such thing as ''littles'')

  • The existence of ''fictive'' alters (fictional characters as alters) or even real life people alters (like Dream SMP alters)

I haven't got any other examples. Correct me if I'm wrong!

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It’s mostly a fake disorder , hard to prove , that’s all , true some real people suffering exist, but it’s mostly phony