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Meanwhile, people on Twitter and Reddit are whining non-stop about people misgendering this rapist. Because apparently that's the crime here, the TIM being misgendered.

I hope he doesn't end up in women's prison.

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Considering his hardcore autogynephilic tendencies, and the fact that he considers himself a lesbian, the state will probably side with him, putting more women in danger of being sexually victimised by him.

People will endlessly defend this monster and his crude attempt at identifying as a woman, no matter the level of sexual violence he inflicts. Despite THE FACT that the vast majority of TIMs are rapists, even more so than non-trans-identified men, with this sexual abuse being a surprise to no one, especially considering he groomed his poor mother for (possibly) multiple years, people don't see how this relates to maleness. Chris Chan transitioned because, A, people who were fucking with him egged him on, convincing him he was a woman, and, B, that he wanted to get ladies to suck his disgusting, nightmarish dick.

It makes sense to bring up the fact that Chris is male. Not only because men are more likely to commit acts of rape and sexual abuse, which is, at least in part, due to their inherent genetics (hence, the immense importance of biological sex over 'gender identity'), but, also, that Chris Chan is the definition of a socialised male socialised into maleness. He's, throughout his life, exhibited every awful trait that no woman would ever want to see, would fear to see, in their boy. He reeks of maleness to the most disgusting of degrees.

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I used to live in DC which is Virginia adjacent. Up until recently VA was hardcore red state. They do NOT fuck around when it comes to criminal justice, its like the deep south. If Chris does time it'll be in a men's prison.

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I hope he doesn't end up in women's prison.

There is simply no way he ever makes it to prison. If this is not a textbook case of an insanity plea, the justice system is dead.

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Right-wing internet historians on kiwifarms broke the story.

Kiwifarms has a reputation for abusive trolling, but they swear that they've moved on from that and that now they just document weird people without contacting them.

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More often than not, the subjects of KF threads themselves end up making accounts to come on the forum and engage.

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Chris Chan is THE ultimate example (at this time) who exemplifies the extreme of AGP and if you watch the documentary series about him being done by GenoSamuel or just read through his "CWCKI" page, it's very easy to see how he ended up the way he did. But yeah, it's still pretty shocking that he actually did this and if he does get prison tiem, he damn well belongs in the men's prison. And the people bitching about the "misgendering" need to really shut up. As if that's more important than the act of what he committed. Absolutely ridiculous.

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I'm sorry for his mother.

But this is hilarious. The memes and reactions that came out of this are hilarious too. Thanks for posting.

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I'll gladly financially support the women he ends up in jail with all the weapons available. How do i support the women he's going to be jailed with?

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The guy is clearly developmentally-disabled and has obvious signs of mental illness stacking on top of that foundation to boot.

Unpopular opinion, but he ought to become a ward of the state under an (accurate) insanity plea.