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This reminds me of when Tina Fey was doing Sarah Palin. Very little exaggeration, mostly reenactment.

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Cloudy McCloudy social media cray-cray-osphere has certainly surprised me as well, as to who's "sincere" and who's critical/satirical.

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I think the internet almost creates a strange abstract group of envelope-pushers who barely know themselves if they are serious or not, who can always fall back on "it was just a joke" if things go too far, but can take advantage of "you better believe it" if they're getting privileges for what they're claiming they deserve... Should white males be seen as stunning and brave and oppressed and be able to walk into girl's dressing rooms naked, and win women's awards and take women's jobs? Just call us lesbians, it all makes sense... But I think the only real believers are confused kids or hardcore committed political idealists who get swept along without really thinking anything through

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Well... this has become more relevant than ever.

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I didn't mean it wasn't relevant - it was more the question of "true believers". I just think that online people will push harder to see if they can get benefits for going even further without having to worry over whether they actually believe what they're saying. The percentage of people who actually believe the things being said is a subgroup.

There have always been people who push agendas for power not truth, but I am just saying it's been enlarged, especially by the internet, to the point where I think there are a lot of people who don't even see the difference.