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FTM also means first time mom. It's confusing but I'm pretty that's what it means 99% of the time.

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Oh my god! Thank you!!!! Maybe the world isn't as crazy after all haha. I hate all the dumb subreddit abbreviations. And don't get me started on the awful relationship abbreviations.

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lol that's so ironic that the initialism for "female to male" can also mean "first time mom". It seems their ideology isn't so widespread. Maybe the wider it gets spread the bigger the resulting backlash will be. From now on FTM means 'first time mom' to me lol. It needs an Urban Dictionary entry.

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They think it makes them special. Poor children! I will correct you if you say birthing partner, chestfeeding or any of that bullshit. We don't have to cater to a small population of sex traitors. Don't like your female anatomy being looked at and discussed? Don't get pregnant then.

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They consume too much yaoi with MPREG (male pregnancy).

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I didn't know First Time Mom either, but there ARE a lot of pregnant TIF (boldly calling themselves men and objecting to female words) -- I've noticed that too.

I guess they're trying to prove they got a gay man to have sex with them (in the "bonus hole")? Which I highly doubt actually. I think they pair off with men in dresses. All that straight couple with insane extra steps bull.

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It's always ironic when TiFs get pregnant. It's the most female thing to do, so how is it not triggering"dysphoria"? It's literally the most news worthy things TiFs do. TiMS are in the news for smashing women's records and winning women's awards etc, but all I see for TiFs in the news is getting pregnant. You don't see TiFs trying to be in men's sports. Wonder why that is hmmm 🤔

The names change but the rules stay the same.