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Kai Decadence rocks!

So they just "assumed your pronouns" -- ha! What's ironic is that you were not a "transwoman" trying to experience "being a woman," but just a regular guy who ended up experiencing what women go through for standing up against the trans insanity. You got the real experience.

Thanks for taking on the bullies and glad you got away from them.

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Just as an example of how Google manipulates search results, I decided to google Kai Decadence (not being familiar). Google auto-completed the name as "Kai Decadence TERF."

Then I used duckduckgo, and it didn't try to paint him as a TERF.

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Someday, I hope to GOOGLE myself and see my name come up as BEB TERF GODDESS ;-)

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LOL, I got "goddess" already in my name, I wonder what mine can be.

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Welcome to the club :)

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What you said reminds me of a couple of times males used rape to intimidate me back in highschool and one of the times I stood up for myself by implying he was too into fucking males to see that threat through and I got called homophobic over it (all I did was ask him to lower his voice because I was studying and he feels the need to make a rape threat). I honestly do not care, respect is a two-way street and if you're going to be an asshole, then I'm going to be an asshole, I'm not going to be politically correct if someone picks a fight. I only recieved one backlash about being "homophobic" and that was from a bully who I call "bitchrice", based off her name (she was a bully way before that happened so I don't think she was social justice rights motivated) and she quickly walked away before I could say anything, like a bitch running off with her tail between her legs. I'm happy I stood up for myself, because when those things happen, there's really no room for me to do anything except to just take it and the extra thing, I annoyed another bully who I call "bitchrice" in doing so, but that's another story. I suspect it's because I wore a longer skirt and people think "Oh she hates sex" (I have zero interest in sex, I don't hate it), and I'm pretty sure it's me they hate because I'm just strange enough for people to pick me to bully but not so strange to put people off (pretty sure they left the conservative Muslim girl alone, since she told me that the last time she was bullied, it was before she was a tween).

Disclaimer: I'm not homophobic (I couldn't carless about homosexuals as much as other groups of people), I was just trying to stand up to a misogynistic asshole who feels threatening rape is appropriate and made him feel emasculated by the idea of being unable to rape a girl because I implied he's a homo and could not even if he wanted (not my problem, his problem if he feels that way).

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political heterosexuality

Question: are you a believer in political lesbiansm?

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Yes. I don't believe any lesbianism isn't political.

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"Political lesbianism" describes a woman who "chooses to become a lesbian" for political reasons. Sheila Jeffreys is a huge proponent of this idea. Do you believe it's possible to choose to become a lesbian?