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Friendly reminder to gender radicals that this woke fascism is what makes people hate trans more, because you're now literally oppressing people for disagreeing

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All she did was speaking out that usage of dehumanizing language like "vulva people" is very offensive to women, and then she changed her pronouns to "Beep/Bop/Boop" R2D2-style, which was called as transphobic move and mockery of trans people. After what she was fired from staring in Star Wars movies - or cancelled completely.

At same time at the end of 2019 they re-hired very problematic movie director James Gunn, who was accused of rape, sexual harassment multiple times, and was considered as paedo. They fired him because of the accusations and his harassment to women, but after scandal went silent after few months, they re-hired him back.

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Note she only added the joke pronouns after being bullied into adding pronouns in the first place. She didn’t start it to bait anyone and I think that context is relevant.

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James Gunn, who was accused of rape, sexual harassment multiple times

This is news to me. As far as I know he made a tasteless joke. Do you have a citation?

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I've never heard about any rape/harassment from him, but his social media went way beyond a tasteless joke. It's pretty vile stuff, lots of pedo jokes featuring himself as the pedo.

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They were pretty vile, but he was working for Troma at the time. Creators of such classics as Chopper Chicks in Zombie Town and Nuke'em High.

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then she changed her pronouns to "Beep/Bop/Boop" R2D2-style, which was called as transphobic move and mockery of trans people.

It's worse. It's offensive to robots who can actually talk such as Vicki, Bender, and the Lost in Space robot. Even the R2D2/C3PO hybrid-knockoff from The Black Hole could talk, and in Roddy McDowall's voice no less. End robophobia!

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You jest, but this is the company that literally gave a "droid rights activist" a prominent role in the Solo movie, and canonically made Lando Calrissian into a robo-sexual.

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They also gave a "special thanks" credit to a Chinese concentration camp for the remake of Mulan.

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Also keep in mind that it's not just 'transphobia' they're claiming to fire her for. They're also smearing her as anti-Semitic for comparing the current political climate to Nazi Germany in one of her Instagram stories. I don't agree with everything she's said on social media, and I can see how that comparison could offend someone. But the overall comparison of the brainwashing back then to the brainwashing occurring right now has some merit.

It reminded me strongly of how quickly people parroted that JK Rowling was transphobic, because the woke and the media said so. When in reality nothing in JKR's tweets or essay could be seen as transphobic (if you're a reasonable person).

Gina pointed out a parallel between how the Nazis brainwashed people into hating Jews and how people are currently being brainwashed into hating anyone for having the 'wrong' political opinion on something. I'm sure we aren't the only ones who see the irony that she's being fired because of the very thing she tried to fight against. People are 'cancelling' her because apparently some of her social media posts are reposts from QAnon. Maybe she is a huge racist/anti-Semite/otherwise bigoted but the comparison of the brainwashing that led to the Holocaust and the brainwashing that is leading to the eradication of free speech still stands.

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It’s hypocritical when Pedro Pascal, the lead actor on the show, has shitloads of political posts on his social media, but as far as I know he’s never been told to tone it down. He made Holocaust comparisons too, but in a “lib approved™️“ way so his career wasn’t ruined.

A lot of these types seem to have trouble coping when a woman doesn’t agree with their politics.

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Yep. Pedro is also getting extra brownie points right now for being supportive of his brother announcing that he's a transwoman. A man, AND he panders to TRAs, particularly saying 'TWAW' when it's called for? He's basically un-cancellable based on those 2 things alone.

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The one she posted about the holocaust and how the Government turned citizens against each other and how it seems that is what is going on now was the straw that broke the camel's back. They were seemingly willing to keep her around despite those, but once she posted that, it gave them the ammo they needed to fire her.

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Accurate quote, though. The government is turning citizens against each other, with help from media and big tech. If it'd been false, the establishment would have ignored her.

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oh yeah, they've gone full bore on it now b/c they know that the media except Fox and conservative online publications will back it all up as fact. Anderson Cooper compared the Capitol riot to the Rwandan genocide, claimed that "othering" of people is what led to it while conveniently ignoring the "othering" of anyone who doesn't toe the liberal line. Basket of deplorables, anyone ?

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I was surprised people freaked out about that tweet— nothing about the tweet itself was false. The public literally partook in what happened to victims during that war (and others of course).

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A twitter user kept track of some of the harassment and bullying Gina received RE her "transphobia"

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The irony is that Pedro Pascal is being patted on the back because his brother recently "came out" as a "woman." How friggin' offensive is that to more than half the world's population?

If you're on Twitter, let Disney have it. If you disagree with Gina about her remarks re Jewish suffering, you can still tell Disney that women are not costumes and what Pedro said re his TiM brother was deeply offensive to you and to other women, etc.

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This angered me so much, and I'm not even a Star Wars fan. I've never watched The Mandalorian.

The leftist media is characterizing her tweets as 'appalling' or some version thereof. I can't see anything appalling about them. The rabid attacks on her rather prove her right. Also, she's been accused of 'mocking pronouns' (when did pronouns become sacrosanct?), but no mention of the context around her tweets or the misogynistic attacks she's received on Twitter.

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Exactly. I'm a left leaner and have been all my life, but this faction (sect, more like) of the "left" that's taken hold over the last few years bears nothing in common with the ideals I came up with. What happened to "I Disapprove of What You Say, But I Will Defend to the Death Your Right to Say It"? People who hold to that ideal are the ones I will be proud to be counted with - left, right or centre.

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"Free speech" is being characterized as a right wing dog whistle. You will hear very little defense of the 1stA from the left.

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The Democrats' recent actions are making me really concerned that they are trying to gut the First Amendment right to free speech. I would never have thought that it would be the Democrats who took away one of Americans most sacred, and envied, rights.

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I tried to warn people for years that they were wolves in sheep's clothing. They didn't listen. The farthest far left, the ones who were really committed, tried to warn people for years. They didn't listen.

It was a Republican president, Dwight David Eisenhower, who warned us about the military-industrial complex. He also called public television "creeping socialism," so I wonder what he would have thought of Sesame Street which premiered the year he died and is now on HBO, a capitalist enterprise if ever there was one.

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"Right-wing" is a scareword used to describe any ideas or concepts that threaten the power of oligarchs.

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It doesn't scare me. At this point I am ready to lean into it and wear the label with pride.

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The more time I spent out of the closet as a gay man, the more conservative I became and the more I realized that we come last on the Perpetual Victim Totem Pole even though we are being targeted for imprisonment and genocide in other countries.

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What we used to view as conservative vs. liberal stances decades ago have switched places in recent years. I am curious as to what experiences you had after coming out that caused you to become more conservative.

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—The unwillingness of neoliberals to go to bat for gays when the chips were down (DADT and DOMA signed into law at the hands of a philandering heterosexual).

—9/11 and the viciousness of the opposition to President Bush after it.

—The relentless attacks on Israel despite their being better than the rest of the Middle East on gays by default.

—The repeated insistence that you can tax your way to prosperity despite all the evidence to the contrary.

—Getting called racist for calling out race hustlers despite belonging to two minority groups.

—The refusal to speak out against TQ+ interlopers in LGB politics or to acknowledge the threat to women's rights and gay rights they present.

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This is a conservative site so take it w a pound of salt ( I would give the same warning about an overtly Progressive site, in case anyone's keeping track of which media I approach cautiously - TBH, at this point I approach ALL media cautiously)

Disney Faces Massive Backlash For Firing Gina Carano As ‘Cancel Disney Plus’ Trends #1, Critics Bring Up Company’s History

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The fact that they're hand in glove with China tells you all you need to know. The world needs to take its medicine and take a stand against them. Case in point, the US rejoined the WHO, and in less than a month, its "investigation" clears China of any wrongdoing in the release and spread of covid.....not a peep from the Biden Admin. questioning these results, and the US taxpayer funds a full 1/4 of the WHO budget. FUCK.THAT.NOISE.

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Carano was the subject of much criticism recently when, in a now-deleted Instagram post, she compared being a modern-day Republican to being Jewish during the Holocaust. Carano has also been a vocally against the use of masks in public spaces during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as insinuating voter fraud conspiracies regarding the 2020 Presidential election.

This is what the article mentions, nothing about her pronoun-in-bio drama of a few months ago. Bit misleading

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she compared being a modern-day Republican to being Jewish during the Holocaust.

She didn’t even do that.

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Word, can't trust anything articles say I guess

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No, none of us can. Most news media is entirely untrustworthy nowadays.

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I noticed that too unfortunately...they leave out many important details or make up stuff. I have to go digging through articles or find a more reliable source. I started paying a bit more attention after you mentioned to me an article had some incorrect information--- it was something about Iran doing sex reassignment surgery to LGB women & men.

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My uncle was a journalist. I wanted to be one once upon a time, but not if it means complicity in lying to the public on this scale.

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She is implying that hating someone for their political views is going to lead to them being put in concentration camps. Like come on.

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The point is that saying she claimed being a Republican is like being a Jew during the Holocaust is a straight up lie.

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If I understood right, was the analogy she was trying to make was the government stirred up the issue first and put us against each other for different political views, race, religion, etc?

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Pretty much. Though it looks like this wasn’t written by her but just shared.

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This is what the article mentions, nothing about her pronoun-in-bio drama of a few months ago. Bit misleading

I was confused and thought I was missing something because I didn't see anything about transphobia in that article either.

I did a DuckDuckGo search and found two opposing views on the issue:

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That's so funny, I also need to use duckduckgo to find some info. Like I only found info about the women's picket against bidens trans sports executive order (March 8th in DC) by using duckduckgo. So fucked

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The right wing backlash against Gina's firing might be real. Resentment against the US entertainment industry's extreme cultural Lefty positions has been building for years.

This is kind of good news for us, because maybe once Hollywood realizes gender ideology is not going to sell they'll move on to trying to push something else down our throats. Probably Furries. Or Robots. Both of which Hollywood is already gearing up for.

However, there's so much Big Pharma/ Big Medicine money behind gender ideology, maybe we're stuck with it forever being awkwardly forced into every piece of "entertainment."

Dave Rubin used to be a Lefty. Now he's jumped to the Right and I think has tried to position himself as a reasonable conservative or something. I don't find him reasonable on many issues, but he does know how to market himself - he's got almost a million followers.

Dave Rubin on Twitter:

"Disney has cancelled @ginacarano , so I’m cancelling my @disneyplus . We need to stop giving these people our money and we must build new franchises."

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Im not going to blame her for getting into a twitter fight with a bunch of crazies, because male celebrities have no problem doing that with little backlash, but that was their plan all along. Poke the hive, then goad her into saying something bannable. They dont give a crap if she's actually anti-Semitic or anti-vax or whatever. They only care about punishing women who dont bow down to the trans activists. Unfortunately women have to be extra careful about chosing their battles especially if their jobs are at stake, but Im still so appreciative that she gave the finger to their stupid pronoun games.