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Great article, but very frightening. How do the people working at Planned Parenthood live with themselves, because it's so obvious that these girls are just following a fad?

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Ideology can prevent people from seeing things that are obvious.

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This is the craziest (and longest) example of mass delusion that I can remember. And in the US, it seems there's delusion on both sides: on the Left we have the Church of Genderology, and on the right we have Qanon.

I think that the internet has accelerated the ability of mass delusions to take hold, although they have occurred at other times in history; the difference is the Church of Genderology is deliberate, global and very well-funded.

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Unfortunately all these orgs, Planned Parenthood, ACLU and co, quickly converted to the gender identity nonsense...

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It's because these organizations were bought by gender lobby money. It's obvious from their donors.

As so many of us are only waking up to find the house on fire, the gender lobby has quietly been buying organizations and media for years to spread/ institutionalize its propaganda.

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Planned Parenthood is on my shit list. I wish abortions were unnecessary but unfortunately we have to rely on places like this or be deemed hateful 🤦‍♀️ I've used their services before but I sure in the hell won't support them if this is their new agenda. They would have put me right on man pills as a teen: I was depressed, bipolar, self mutilated, rainbow (or black) haired, gnc. I was a pretty normal teen in the early 2000s.

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I sure in the hell won't support them if this is their new agenda.

It's not an "if" unfortunately, nor is it new. This has been PP's agenda and practice area for a number of years now.