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I believe it. Sounds like something my mom would've done had she had a son (if she didn't abort him). She stopped taking birth control to have a girl, not just a healthy baby... but a girl. She wanted a living doll. Which reminds me of that 80s movie "Sleepaway Camp" where it was revealed that a girl was a boy who was forced to live as a girl by his aunt who already had a son.

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Holy shit that movie sounds freaky.

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I found an article which references Nikkie cutting out his father's side of the family because they didn't support his transition. Since I don't believe in a 'gendered soul', I tend to assume that most transitions are driven by outside factors.

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at the cusp of puberty he was put on hormone blockers and height blockers as well as estrogen.

Since he's 6'3 or 190.5 cm, the height blockers clearly didn't work. Which brings up an interesting point: from what I've read of the little research there is out there, it seems (some) boys put on puberty blockers as part of medical "transition" might actually end up taller than they otherwise would have been. Whereas girls put on blockers end up shorter than they would've been naturally.

This different effects that puberty blockers have on the two sexes probably is due to a fact that keeps getting obscured and left out of the discussions of puberty blocker use for youngsters who ID as "trans": female and male puberty are very different in myriad ways.

Many of the ways in which female puberty is different to male puberty still aren't understood, or even recognized, coz of longstanding sexism in medical research and thinking as well as amongst the general public and gender identity ideologues. It's widely but mistakenly assumed that males are the default humans representing the norm, so anything that occurs in and is true of males during puberty must also happen in and apply to females in puberty.

But one thing that long has been known and recognized is that female humans on average start puberty at least a year earlier than males, and girls have the big growth spurt that occurs in puberty at the start of it. Whereas boys have their pubertal growth spurt at the end of puberty, or after puberty is all over. Girls typically reach adult height between 12 and 14. But boys don't reach their adult height until 16 on average - and in many cases, not until 18.

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Just to add here: the castrati were taller than other males, and than they probably would've been otherwise. Also, much bigger lungs and rib cages. The taller heights and larger lungs throws doubt on the claim that boys who don't go through adolescent puberty coz of blockers will have no advantage over girls & women in sports.

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E2 actually plays a huge role in bone growth for men. According to the site below, their use can contribute to taller adult height since the bone growth plates take longer to close.

Edit: the use of puberty blockers.

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Thank you for those links.

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From what I remember, the testosterone surge during puberty makes the bone plates close for males, whereas for females it’s the oestrogen onset during puberty that stops the growth. You might be onto something.

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That also really throws a spanner in the works when it comes to the idea that blockers are needed so a person will pass better. If a male bodied person grows to extremely tall, that's not going to help random people on the street look at them and think "everyday woman". So they will NOT blend in. And if their penis doesn't grow properly then they're going to need the most dangerous and complication-ridden kind of SRS if they have it. Which begs the question - why do this dangerous thing when it won't have any positive effect other than slightly less of an adam's apple and beard?

And for girls, of course, being very short isn't going to help either.

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If parents are pushing this on their kids then I can't see it as anything but child abuse or Munchausen's syndrome by proxy.