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I've seen the theory, which I agree with now, that the GOP was waiting for Trump to be out or almost out (because they actually wanted him out) to go hard on the boys in girls sports.

It's a win-win for the GOP. They mock the older feminist movement, which lost some popular support because some feminists claimed that women were equal to men in every way, including physically.

They make the Democrats look like idiots, because any idiot can see that men are, on average, taller, stronger, faster, etc., and will dust female competition in many sports.

And they make the Democrats look like hypocrites for claiming to be the Party of Science when they are in fact proponents of the magical thinking that men can become women just by saying they are.

Note that so much of the GOP emphasis is put on men in women's sports, and not the fact that the Equality Act also allows men in women's locker rooms. Even though the latter will have a detrimental effect on non-competitive women who just want to stay fit and who might stop going to the gym when Harry-iet with his swinging ball sack invades the women's locker room.

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The reason they don't go after the locker room access is b/c the Dems would instantly raise the "See, they think all T's are predators !!" line. It then becomes less about fairness and descends into everyone against T access being called a phobe and bigot. They then have to answer whether they are a bigot, and no matter how many times they'll claim not to be, the label will stick. This would put them on the defensive while the sports angle puts the T's on defense. It is a better way to enter into the debate b/c once you get public opinion on your side, then you expand it to the bathrooms, changing rooms, etc.

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The GOP, well, three Republican House members from Utah, have their own Equality Act, the Fairness For All Act, in which, if I remember correctly, women's sex-segregated spaces would still be open to men who self-ID as women.

One of the differences between the acts is that the Fairness For All Act would have religious exemption carve outs. Probably not coincidentally, all three House members are Mormon, a church that was not particularly good to women in the past. But then, one could say the same about a lot of religious denominations.

I personally think that rather than GC speakers constantly clarifying that women are not scared of TiMs in women's spaces, but rather men who would pretend to be TiMs, we should call a spade a spade. TiMs have much higher rates of criminality than even other men, and, by hiding that fact, we look like bigots to the general public who still think that all TiMs are Super Gay, castrated men who, "...just wanna pee..."

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I agree, but I'd go even further. The objection many of us have to locker rooms, change rooms, showers, loos and so on all becoming mixed-sex isn't just that we don't want girls and women to be preyed on and possibly assaulted by males in such spaces, it's that we also think girls and women have the right to get undressed, shower and/or attend to intimate bodily needs without any males looking on. It's as much about "the male gaze" as male patterns of criminality.

All girls and women should have the right to choose to give or withhold consent to which, if any, men and boys get to see us naked, listen to us urinate and scrutinize us as we deal with matters like washing menstrual blood from our hands - and in the case of Muslim women who veil, when their hair or faces are exposed and visible.

Most of us grew up in mixed-sex homes where males and females alike all share the same toilets and bathing facilities, and many of us still live in mixed-sex homes. But even in such homes, persons of both sexes over a certain age are usually given privacy from family and household members of the opposite sex also over a certain age when dressing, bathing and using the toilet.

Adult couples in a household often get dressed in front of one another, shower and bathe together, and use the toilet in each other's presence. But teenage brothers and sisters don't customarily do the same.

Similarly, dads and mums who once bathed, wiped the asses and toilet trained their young children, and perhaps allowed them to see us naked or to come into the bathroom whilst we were on the can, usually give those very same children bodily privacy once they reach a certain age, particularly from the parent of the opposite sex. And parents, in turn, typically expect to have our own bodily privacy from our own children once the kids have reached a certain age too.

Many of us have fathers, brothers, sons, nephews, cousins, male friends, neighbors and colleagues and so on that we don't fear and we believe would never assault us. But unless those males are still babies or very wee boys, most of us still don't want to be naked in their presence, or to see them naked either, or to have them watching and listening in when we pee and poop. And most of us don't want to be in those situations with any males who are strangers either.

Most males are heterosexual, and heterosexual males are very interested in looking at girls and women's bodies in states of undress: hence, "girly" mags, pornography, strip clubs, camming and so on. Most honest het males will will tell you that when around naked or undressed girls or women, they cannot help themselves from looking at us "that way" and having lewd thoughts.

At the same time, homosexual males who wish they were women almost always have an equally prurient interest in looking at girls' and women's bodies when we are in states of undress and "up close and personal" due to the feelings of competitiveness, curiosity and covetousness these males have towards those of us with female bodies. In locker rooms, loos and change rooms, TIMs like that awful Lux person and all the rest who are always calling women "bitches" and telling us how much prettier and hotter they are compared to us would make many girls and women just as uncomfortable as openly leering heterosexual boys and men would. Since most young homosexual TIMs are incredibly ageist as well as sexist and artificial, just imagine the scorn and disgust with which they would look on the bodies of most of us who would appear too old, too ugly, too fat, too "manly" and so on in the view of these envious, judgmental young men.

Even women who choose to work as strippers, porn actors, "cam girls" and prostitutes have the right not to have be subjected to "the male gaze" of strangers every time they need to use a locker room, change room or toilet when they are off stage, off camera and off work out and about in the world.

Same goes for women who've given birth to and breastfed male children. Just coz our sons came out of our naked vulvas and suckled and cuddled at our naked breasts does not give them - or any other males either - a pass to demand that they get to see our naked breasts and vulvas whenever they want for the whole rest of their lives.

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Agreed, and when I talk about this I always talk about women's privacy and dignity along with our safety.

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I personally think that rather than GC speakers constantly clarifying that women are not scared of TiMs in women's spaces, but rather men who would pretend to be TiMs,

I really can't stand the idiots who do this.

Karen White, the transwoman who raped women in a UK prison, was literally in there because he beat up his neighbour who laughed at his cross dressing efforts. He was very much real trans according to their own rules no matter what he looked like.

There seems to even be some evidence trans women are more likely to commit sexual crimes. In both the US and UK around 40% of trans prisoners have a sex crime conviction compared to 20% of non-trans men in prison.

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I think the brave women who were first in speaking out had to state that caveat about not being scared of TiMs, because gender ideology had already been salted everywhere - politics, academe, corporations - so women would have immediately been dismissed as "bigots" had they mentioned that TiMs have a much higher rate of incarceration in the US than even males.

But I've noticed now that more and more people are mentioning that not only should women be scared of normal men taking advantage of TiMs being allowed into women's spaces, but TiMs themselves have a higher than average chance of being predators.

This is not to say that all, or even most, or even many, TiMs are predators, only to say that why should women take the risk that even one is?

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I hope that is the case and that the GOP actually cares about women.

I mean, the GOP doesn't have a stellar track record on women's rights - for instance, the Equal Rights Amendment is still not law - why?

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they are making this a partisan issue, now everyone who isn't a conservative has to be against it, because "conservatives bad".

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Come through Texas! RIP Barbara Jordan, black lesbian Texan congresswoman.