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People in the comments are saying that GC feminists object to El Page's announcement coz we can't stand anyone who doesn't conform to rigid sex stereotypes, that our main goal is "gender conformity." Oof.

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Except it is the total opposite! She is the one that is wearing guyish clothes and saying this makes her a guy!

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Of course it is. But this is one of the new lies about GC feminists that trans propaganda central has come up with that's now being widely promoted by the pro-trans lobby and repeated by idiots who can't think for themselves. The recent article in the Atlantic said exactly the same thing. None of this is happening by accident - it's part of a planned-out strategy.

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Literally 2 seconds of thinking will make it obvious to one that the opposite is true lol

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At this point it's really impossible to tell if these people are actually this stupid, or are so inside the cult that they can't even fathom that reality is the opposite.

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For many, stupidity is a choice.

Thinking is hard.

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Of course it's baffling; largely because it's still completely unclear what her transition means. We haven't seen her, so we don't know if she's getting top surgery or just cutting her hair off, or what.

It was also a mistake to infer that she was transitioning to male because she's adopted male pronouns. On closer reading, she never identifies as specific gender. 'Trans' is apparently a gender identity in itself now. In reality, she appears to be transitioning to 'anything-but-a-lesbian-woman'.

It's 'baffling' because the Newspeak of the new gender culture requires us to deny our own memories, our own lived experience, by pretending that a woman named 'Ellen Page' never existed, never publicly came out as a proud lesbian. We're required to believe that a man portrayed all those female characters - so convincingly that he was indistinguishable from a woman.

And when and if 'Elliot Page' does detransition, what then becomes of Elliot? Did he ever exist?

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Well, the most important thing to note is that she's a he and he's white. Therefore nothing that he has to say about it is of any consequence.

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It’s easily remedied, if EP desists from the trans shit- it’s Elle Page. Version 3, the actor/ess formally known as El.

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I am honestly bewildered that instead of mocking misogyny; Futrelle is mocking feminists. I am glad I stopped reading that site long ago.

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But it’s so trendy to mock feminists, it’s an entirely new thing to do! No one has ever done it before and NO MAN HAS EVER DONE SOMETHING WRONG WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT YOU CRAZY WITCH. It hasn’t gone on for decades! /s lol. Ok but in all seriousness feminism is only unpopular because people are gullible as fuck and don’t like thinking. Most of the people who attempt to critique feminism as a whole usually fail to make a point by generalizing wildly and thinking that is the same as class based analysis or the same as sex based oppression for men. They don’t really even get the basic concepts to stand on and its popular to “stan” for men right now because some men are mentally ill or some men are nice guys, so therefore they can simply spread the reversals and misinformation. When in reality they lack any sort of nuance or even basic understanding of what the various types of feminism are discussion or trying to do. It’d be sadder if it was significantly easier to access this info but somehow some people decided that its more radical to repeat Howard Stern-esque bullshit and call that reasoning.

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“I wouldn’t doubt for a second that this is a calculated move from the talent agency and publicist,” added bopomofodojo.

Immortalized in a blog, feels good.

Also anyone else notice that the formatting is so atrocious that you can't tell what's a quote and what's commentary? I did.

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Haha good for you :)

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Hey mom, I made the news! :D

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I took it more as a sign her career was dying. Ellen was not a traditional leading lady. Her roles were never going to be the roles being offered to the Jennifer Lawrences and Ruby Roses. Her look was indy teen and wouldn't you have it, her last stand-out role before Umbrella Academy and Xmen 5 years ago was basically a counter-culture trans mini-series. She is getting older, and as the quirky actress, as the indy, as the pregnant teen - she has been replaced.

But TRAs have offered a niche leading role that she would be guaranteed as long as she claims to be trans. Not even a man - just not a woman anymore or at least not all the time. No transition necessary. After all, it's a feeling and doesn't require medical intervention or actual diagnostic parameter. It is a convenient paycheck and any criticism gets branded transphobia.

I'm so bored by these attention-seeking transitions that the next one better be extreme. The Next phase of Sam Smith's evolution needs to be the full drag, surgical implants and the 9s

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He doesn't have anything better to do than look through the saidit sub? Recognized a few of you guys' usernames though, congrats you're famous now haha

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It's lazy writing, if you ask me.

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Is is somehow more pathetic than CNN Brian Stelter's "Reliable Sources" turning itself into the Fox News Commentary Show over the entirety of the past 4 years.

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