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It's hilarious how pearl-clutchy these idiots are that simply getting rid of voices you don't like on the major platforms didn't put an end to those voices existing. "Now they're OUT THERE, in the WILD, beyond our censorship and CONTROL. Turns out some of those fucking uppity bitches are PROGRAMMERS. Panic, everyone, PANIC." The_donald migrating to its own site got a full-blown coverpage in Vice a while back. I'm slightly proud that Ovarit managed to draw the same level of hysteria.

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Berkeley professor Grace Lavery was the man who was calling for stealing and burning Abigail Shrier's book a while ago. Definitely, he is far from being the most qualified man to speak about how to deal with "hate groups".

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Is everything they do projection? It's almost comical.

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Anti-trans feminists have a presence in many mainstream online spaces, including Twitter, “radfem” Tumblr, the Black women’s beauty forum Lipstick Alley, and the British parenting forum Mumsnet.

On these sites and others, they use many of the same trolling tactics as other internet-based fringe political movements to disrupt conversation, skew reality, and make the internet another dangerous place for trans women through doxing and harassment. Anti-trans activists have used social media to call out specific trans women who use women’s bathrooms, for instance, labeling them “predators” and “pedophiles,” and promising to resist them by any means necessary—be it pepper spray or pistol.

I laughed out loud at "skew reality". The internet is a dangerous place for "cis" women far more than it is for men larping as women. I was doxxed back in 2009 on YouTube. My girlfriend at the time was afraid to walk to her car alone at 5am to go to work. Why was I doxxed? Because I said women shouldn't take T. There were sooo many lesbians on YouTube back then endorsing HRT before the surge of TIMs. Lesbians, particularly butches, were the Guinea pigs... I called that shit out 11 years ago.

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If the author of that piece had any integrity, she's acknowledge the women who have been censored and even lost jobs for saying things as mundane as 'women have ovaries'. Or, acknowledge the thousands of rape and death threats directed at JK Rowling for merely acknowledging the reality of biological sex and same-sex attraction.

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the Black women’s beauty forum Lipstick Alley, and the British parenting forum Mumsnet.

Describing Lipstick Alley and Mumsnet so inaccurately shows the writer of this piece has never spent any time on either forum. The descriptors seem deliberately chosen to belittle and pigeonhole the users of both sites.

The condescending attitude towards Mumsnet is standard and predictable - though MN is a vitally important forum where all sorts of topics, including politics, are hotly debated and politicians and government ministers do AMAs, foes of the site always try to make it seem that it's a place for silly-headed "birthing and breeding people" to discuss topics like prams and childcare, which are seen as frivolous and unimportant in the eyes of young women like the author of this piece. It also reflects the "what would parents know?" attitude the trans cult promotes, coz they think kids in any family are the wisest ones, and therefore kids should be left to make drastic life decisions without any parental input or oversight.

But the slur on Lipstick Alley I find really surprising. IMO, it's intentionally racist and misogynistic to suggest that the women of LSA are focused on nothing but makeup, hair and fashion. Guess that's what the trans cult considers intersectionality in action.

BTW, the women at LSA are having none of it:

I found this LSA comment interesting:

I can’t believe that silly child is on staff at the Atlantic smh. Her Twitter bio says she’s writing a book about One Direction fans. Of course she is.

And this one sums it up:

Women who are TRAs are the worst, openly discriminating against their own sex class so they can be seen as an 'inclusive instersectional' feminist. That whole article is a pile of projecting garbage, everything she's claiming 'terfs' are doing is the very thing TRAs have been doing.

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Hate groups still there, but women aren't.

That was the meaning of purge.

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Its the Atlantic. They spew left leaning garbage. Never mentioned that Lavery is a TiM, which would shade his views, and likens GenderCritical to The_Donald. Yeah, that wasn't written with an agenda. No siree. Not a single mention of any of the hateful speech committed by the T's. I guess they're all a bunch of angels. Give me a fucking break. 5 minutes on twitter and its there for all to see. The phrase "suck my ladydick" probably has pages and pages of search results b/c they all use it.

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On the bright side, this article and its author are getting proverbially slaughtered on Twitter.

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Reading this made my blood boil AND also allowed me to cackle like a lunatic. What utter tosh!

Quote from the article: "On these sites and others, they use many of the same trolling tactics as other internet-based fringe political movements to disrupt conversation, skew reality, and make the internet another dangerous place for trans women through doxing and harassment."

(First off lady, doxxing is more known to be spelled with two X's but I guess writing that down would make you a transphobe, huh? Because of the XX... Because women you know...? Eh? No? Ok I'll quit this dumb joke right here.)

Anyway WHAT in the ever-loving FUDGE PUDDLE did I just read? It's radfems/GC's doxxing and bullying and skewing reality? Harassing people online? Outing people? Cancelling the wrong-think? Uh-uh. Sure it is.

Who is this wokester. Her "accusations" sound like somebody threw an incel in a wash machine, tossed some acid in for a good measure and tumbled for 8h straight. I wish I had never read this hot pile of garbage. SMH

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It's almost like "Grace" took everything trans activists do, from doxxing to nailing dead rats up on rape shelter's doors, and just pretended women do it to 'folx' like "grace".

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Isn't that textbook DARVO?

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When they only have one move, it does make it easier to recognize.

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I'm not even going to start with everything that's wrong with this article.

Suffice it to say, one of the things that started me on my gender critical journey was the article on trans kids and detransitioners that Jesse Singal published in this same magazine a year or so ago, and caught a lot of shit for. I'm guessing The Atlantic is still self-flagellating.

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It's crazy. I'm pissed off at the author for writing a hit piece. On the other hand, I guess this could be also be considered free publicity.

By the way, if anyone wants an invite code to Ovarit, feel free to PM me.

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What a garbage article by a handmaiden "journalist." These woke TRAs seriously think they're the ones living in reality. Only one side is doxxing, harassing, and deplatforming - it's not the GC one.

On these sites and others, they use many of the same trolling tactics as other internet-based fringe political movements to disrupt conversation, skew reality, and make the internet another dangerous place for trans women through doxing and harassment.



the article was literally posted today and it's already had two post-publication edits, admitting that they not only gave out blatantly false information but also misrepresented MK's views and stances (probably intentionally). whats even more telling, though, is that they were asked to change the sentence "she became convinced gender is fixed" to "she became convinced sex is fixed". instead of correcting it they simply took out the sentence altogether. why? because they know damn well that it's ridiculous to frame "sex is fixed" as a hateful conservative view that one only reaches after exposure to online hate groups. they could hide behind the word 'gender', which is ill defined and changes meaning depending on how transactivists want to use it, but they know they can't claim that sex isn't fixed. not if they want to chance in hell of anyone agreeing with this mess.




I wonder if the journalist informed her subject that she was going to be writing about her with utter distain or if that was a surprise

She left out the part where Burns got fired from her journalism job for libeling another journalist

I dunno but if I were going to use Grace Lavery as a source for a piece on “TERFs” and censorship I might have mentioned the time she advocated banning a book she doesn’t like

Honestly shocked this was published in The Atlantic. It’s so bad! Not just insanely biased but also boring, which IMO is a bigger crime.


Look I'm v aware of the phenomenon of people in small, mutually reinforcing groups radicalising each other - but if your idea of a dangerously extreme belief is "humans have a sex and can't change it", you might be the out-of-touch one

in response to the Kaitlyn Tiffany's tweet

after reddit banned r/gendercritical they made a new website which looks exactly like reddit except it's purple and the conversation is getting worse. i wrote about what platform moderation can't do

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I dunno but if I were going to use Grace Lavery as a source for a piece on “TERFs” and censorship I might have mentioned the time she advocated banning a book she doesn’t like

I think the journalist might also have mentioned that when profiled in the fall 2020 Berkeley Alumni magazine, Lavery chose to supply the magazine with a photo of "herself" sporting a big bushy mustache and obvious chin stubble. And that on Lavery's Twitter profile "she" brags about being a Freddie Mercury lookalike.

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From LSA:

This is the man who allowed this to be published: Paul Bisceglio

If you have anything to say to him…

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I've sent my email to him and I strongly encourage other women to do the same.

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I'm loving Lipstick Alley's response to this article's characterization of them. They're all 'bring it on, we'll destroy the TRAs', and no one can say boo because they're black :-)

Wish that everyone else had that kind of license.