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Video has an interview with Keira Bell, and a NHS worker from the center that has been transitioning children.

Thanks for posting this, OP. But to clarify: the second guest on this segment is NOT an NHS worker from the Tavistock Portman Gender Identity Development Service that treats UK children. It says at the outset of this segment that no one from the NHS GIDS was available to appear (a claim no one acquainted with the case believes).

The second guest is Susie Green, CEO of the UK charity Mermaids and a trans cracktivist extraordinaire.

Mermaids supposedly provides support for gender-questioning kids and their families, and once did. But under Susie Green's leadership, Mermaids has become a koolaid factory solely focused on promoting the immediate medicalization of kids who are "gender non-conforming," possibly homosexual, often autistic and deeply unhappy for a whole host of reasons with puberty blockers and subjecting them ASAP to cross-sex hormones and major surgeries like castration and genital reconfiguration for males and double mastectomies for females.

Susie's whole life mission is justifying what she did to her own son Jackie. Susie says that before he was two, Jackie displayed behaviors and tastes in toys that Susie and her extremely homophobic husband believed meant Jackie might be gay. Rather than allow Jackie to just be a kid, they punished and shamed him for liking "girl clothes" and Barbie dolls. This created a huge amount of conflict and drama in the Green home when Jackie was a wee boy.

Then Susie saw the light and realized the "solution" to having a possibly gay, GNC and perhaps "swishy" little boy was to declare that he was trans. So the Greens turned the son they saw as "problematic" into a pretend little girl.

When Jackie was 11, Susie took him out of the country to get him put on puberty blockers, which at the time (early 2000s) were illegal for this purpose in the UK. Jackie started taking cross-sex hormones when he was 14.

In 2009, when Jackie was 15, Susie took him to Thailand so he could be castrated and have penile inversion fauxginaplasty on his 16th birthday. After Susie did this to her son, Thai authorities made it illegal for anyone under 18 to have such surgeries in Thailand. This didn't stop Susie and Jackie from trying to achieve fame by constantly boasting to the world press that Jackie was the youngest person in the UK and one of the youngest on earth to "undergo a sex change."

Susie Green's TED Talk about transing her gay son Jackie:

"Butterfly," the 2018 ITV series promoting the idea that little boys who like "girly things" should be subjected to the psychological and medical abuse known as transitioning is based on the story of Susie, her husband, and the little boy they transed. The show is a how-to that teaches children from troubled families that a sure-fire way to get their way and deflect attention from mom and dad's crap marriage is to threaten suicide:

Susie Green and Mermaids are major promulgators of the fake suicide stats about GNC/"trans" kids and the hackneyed statements, "better a live daughter than a dead son" and "born in the wrong body." In fact, Susie G might have been one of the inventors of this BS.

Here's Susie inappropriately using (probably made-up) tales of her son's early years to get herself attention and acclaim:

Neither Susie G nor anyone else on the Mermaids staff has any credentials in medicine, psychology, pharmacology, child development, education, social work, safeguarding or other fields that would make them experts on kids with gender dysphoria and other mental illnesses or ideal parties to advocate on behalf of these children's best interests and human rights.

Susie G says she previously worked in IT, making it seem like she was an IT expert. In fact, it seems she was a secretary/receptionist or office administrator for company that did (some) IT work - she's not a software, hardware or electronics communications expert.

Susie G and all the rest at Mermaids are all ideologues intent on peddling the most regressive, sexist, homophobic stereotypes to children and telling kids who chafe at being rigidly pigeonholed or shamed for liking "the wrong" toys that they are the opposite sex and need to socially and medically trans ASAP.

This video shows what Susie Green and Mermaids are all about:

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I really wish Susie Green and Mermaids were allowed to submit evidence at the trial, it would have been fun to see the court tear them a new one.

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Mermaids - and Stonewall - did submit material to the court to be used as evidence at the trial, but the high court rejected their submissions on the basis that they did contain any information/arguments not already made by others or that were germane to the case. Apparently the submissions were just full of the usual mumbo jumbo about born in the wrong body, going through the wrong puberty, puberty being torture and a human rights violation, misgendering, bullying, phony hate crimes, claims of oppression and of course all the made-up suicide stats.

By rejecting Mermaids' and Stonewall's submissions as not containing anything any evidence or info worth entering into the official account taking into account in their deliberations, the court in essence already tore them a new one. Albeit in an understated, polite British way.

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Yeah I know they were rejected. Wouldn't surprise me if they only sent in their "are you a Barbie or a GI Joe" presentation, lol.

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I figured you personally were probably aware the Mermaids & Stonewall submissions were rejected. But I wanted to elaborate for other posters and lurkers who might not know the details. TRAs are promulgating the lie that Mermaids & Stonewall weren't given a chance to submit evidence. I'm trying to correct that impression. They were given the chance, and they blew it.

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I've seen a few people now saying they think Ellen Page came out to take the media attention off of Tavistock.

For all the psychological problems which might or might not be involved that casts a very poor light on Page's character and morality if true.

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Her "coming out" statement alone also casts a very poor light on Page's character. It was full of falsehoods that by now have been widely debunked. Yet she put her name to them anyways.

Remember, she is a Hollywood star, and is now in bed as it were with the Human Rights Campaign and other powerful, well-funded trans crackivist orgs. People like Page don't make a move like this without it being planned out and completely orchestrated by teams of professional PR and political consultants, media advisors and image-managers. I'm sure a team of stylists are involved too.

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I'm sure a team of stylists are involved too.

Clearly, someone worked really hard on that ballcap.

(I'm kidding - you're right about it being fully orchestrated, but I'm still amused by the Clark Kent-style transition)

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LOL, it really is a Clark Kent-style transition! Page's ball cap is pure genius (not). Never before have I seen a girl or woman wearing one. Coz it's a surefire sign of being a man.

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In her new IMDB pic, she's wearing a hoodie. I'm pretty sure this is because she hasn't so much as got a haircut. (yet)

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But is it a manhoodie or a womanhoodie?

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I mean she gave problems to a lesbian bar in another country because she felt males should be allowed in if they identified as girwls uwu so... what moral character?

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I mean she did it within the same hours of the articles about Keira bell coming out.( See linked imgur) I feel like that's definitely not a coincidence.

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Of course it's not a coincidence. The UK court announced the exact date and hour that they'd be releasing the Keira Bell decision weeks ago. This gave the TRA orgs in the Anglophone world like Stonewall, Mermaids, Human Rights Campaign plenty of time to come up with a plan to prepare and plant a big story that would divert attention away from the Bell ruling when it was released. Page's statement - which sounds like it written by the hacks at TRA propaganda central - was written, edited, reviewed and all ready to go well in advance. The whole thing was orchestrated and timed to the nth degree. Because trans is a well-organized, nefarious international cult that is incredibly powerful and media savvy.

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I feel it isn't a coincidence either. I am also more fine with Eliot Page transitioning because she(because as of right now she is still a she) is an adult. It is not hate speech to say that teenagers are too young to give consent.