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This shouldn't be legal. That is nothing more than a gaping wound.

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The best part about it is that at least they can't pass their psychotic genes on to another generation of humans after the surgery.

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🤢🤮 and that’s why no one want to sleep with them

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I'm not looking at that...

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Oh man I wanna find out what happened! All the comments made by this poster are concerning to me. Why are they so obsessed with how deep their wound is? Like the deeper the better somehow? And very odd dilating towards their bum. Tbh I can’t imagine how they enjoy sex with the hole at all given that the dilating alone sounds awful

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Caring about the depth is such a male thing to do. Actual vaginas are flexible, the depth varies. This is a man thinking he can measure a vagina the same way you'd measure a penis.

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Just like the real thing! The clitoris in a hole, the labia stitched together and ending half-way, and the vaginal entrance a raw wound. Also make sure to dilate it several times a day or it- exactly like the real thing- closes up. Not to mention that there may be hair growing inside of it, and it may secrete a pile-up of smegma instead of lubrication. But truly this person is a woman now because that's all there is to women, just a hole. Right?

I've already seen this in the trans threads over at Kiwifarm though. Abhorrent place but it does provide some interesting insight into various transsexual individuals and TRAs in general.

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We have a s/neovaginadisasters

I've cross posted