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This poor person went to the gynecologist.........

Which makes me think, are gynecology programs offering courses focused on neovaginas? Cause I haven't heard about TRAs complaining that the field is "historically terfy"...

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I'm glad the person who modded neovagina disasters put up a website because it was useful information.

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That's me! I had gotten unexpectedly busy but I'm back in action and I've still got plenty of content to post.

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you are honestly a godsend. may these posts open up people's eyes. and congrats on the promotion!

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Glad you are back in action. Look forward to more of your posts. Brava and thank you!

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The medical community is really just using dysphoric people as guinea pigs. It makes me sick.

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Worse, they are harming confused, vulnerable, mentally unwell people by promoting the idea that the pretty recently invented form of human unhappiness called "gender dysphoria" is a clear-cut, stand-alone condition entirely separate from the host of other mental health issues and other factors that "gender dysphoria" is usually an expression of and cover for. Slapping the label or "diagnosis" of "gender dysphoria" on people means they will not explore or get help with the real issues that are the source of their suffering, such as depression, sexual abuse, loss, trauma, anxiety, PTSD, internalized homophobia, neuroatypical conditions like autism and ADHD, rigid sex stereotypes, widespread misogyny in contemporary society, body dysmorphia, disassociation, and so on.

Also, the medical community is going along with trans ideologues' attempts to pathologize and prevent a normal, incredibly important part of human development that is uncomfortable for everyone to go through but still is necessary to go through all the same: puberty.

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yes this is criminal, these people have psychological problems and surgery isn't the answer, no more than claiming that their delusions are real. But at the end of the day it's all about money, someone is paying for SRS and all the drugs, so someone is getting rich out of trangenderism.

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Read a few posts. Must barf now.