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Social aspiration also plays a part. The etiquette of wokery is increasingly indispensable for high society. They mark you as someone high up in the American social hierarchy. The right words and phrases signal your ease in this elite; the wrong ones — “sexual preference”! — expose you as a rube, a bigot or, worse, a middle class provincial.

Sadly, probably true. Eh, I never understood "joiners". They appeared to be too lazy or insecure, or just stupid, to reason and discern for themselves. Maybe it's genetic or maybe it's in how a person is raised, but I can honestly say I've never had a problem walking away from the "in" or "woke" crowd and their pitiful joiners. There is self esteem and dignity in choosing right over social acceptance. Is social acceptance personally empowering when the "woke" people are evil, stupid, or abusive? I say No. (Explains why I prefer animal's company to most human's.)