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Nailed it. It's just a nonsensical word at this point because these TRA idiots call anyone who doesn't buy into trans ideology a "terf". Heck I've been called it a few times myself and I'm a guy. And yeah how can they be "trans exclusionary" when they allow and support the autonomy rights of "Transmen". It's just ridiculous.

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The whole TERF thing has backfired on trans demands activists, because so many people see the word TERF on Twitter or Reddit or... look it up and realize that they're a TERF too.

So at this point, the word TERF is a recruitment tool for gender criticals.

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"terf" just means bitch. They'll say things like 'terfs aren't really women' or stuff about 'terfs' that is the exact opposite of radical feminism, like they've forgotten the meaning.

They think transwomen are women, and transmen are men so to them, we are excluding trans people who to them, should belong in feminism. But, yeah, we exclude males, not females.

It's a slur because it makes no sense and used to shut us up and harass people.

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Yes, it is like how some people throw around "commie" or "marxist" against someone advocating for minor health care reform. TERF capitalises on fear mongering towards the left, but the left is too fucking stupid to see it. It is designed to appeal to men who hear "radical feminist" and start frothing at the mouth by default.

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"Fascist" hasn't meant more than "you're wrong" in over 60 years.

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Are you referring to single-payer healthcare as "minor" health care reform?

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No, now TERF means "Trans-Exterminating Reactionary Fascist".

They realized they needed to expand its applicability since radfems are hardly the only ones who refuse to kowtow to the Cult of Gender.

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I've litteraly been called "TERF" for saying I support trans rights so who knows what it means.