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Reddit: where the truth is banned! Coming soon to the whole internet. The close ties between technology, esp computers, and the Trans Demands Lobby almost guarantees they can dox us, ban us, hack us, etc. if we appear on their radar.

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The data provided by the UK's Ministry of Justice in response to a freedom of information request from Fair Play for Women suggests that TIMs actually commit sex crimes at a much higher rate than other males. In 2017, 48% or nearly half of male inmates in prison in England and Wales who identified as trans were serving time for sex crimes, compared to only 19% of male inmates who don't identify as trans.

This suggests that in England and Wales, TIMs are two-and-a-half times more likely to commit and be convicted of sex crimes than other males.

Or it could mean, a lot of convicted sex criminals are claiming to be trans for the benefits and kicks it gives them.

BTW, in the UK, you have to be a particularly awful kind of male sex criminal to get sent to prison; men convicted of sex crimes there frequently get off without spending any time behind bars.

By contrast, only three percent of the inmates in female prisons in England and Wales are in for sex offenses. But that doesn't mean three percent of female prisoners are sex offenders, as it appears that a large number of the inmates convicted of sex crimes in women's correctional facilities are actually males who identify as women.

I also recommend Michael Biggs paper from May of this year "The Transition from Sex to Gender in English Prisons: Human Rights and Queer Theory" which can be downloaded as a PDF. Just search "queering prisons biggs"

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I'd like to chip in here:

Female sex offenders come into a couple of categories with very few exceptions.

Stat rapists, nearly always of mid teens.

Carers who abuse small kids, usually at the behest of a male partner.

Finding a female sex offender who forcibly offends against an adult female is almost unknown. If you look at stranger offending (like being jumped on in an alley) and sexual assaults it's super uncommon. If you see 'woman assaults woman' in the UK news it's always a TIM. We literally can have years pass without reported incidents of this kind of female sex criminal.

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Yes, good points. The profiles, crimes, motivations, psychology, offending patterns etc of male and female sex offenders are entirely different.

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Is this for the US, I am compiling sources like this , would love to add it to my stock

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I have some information RE California that I will post as a stand-alone so everyone can see and bookmark it.

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Well, you WERE spreading false information /s because trans"women" commit sex crimes at a much higher rate than normal men.

In California and the UK, around 40% of TiMs in prison are sex offenders, much higher than the normal male prison population.

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Please post the data here as well! :)

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because making trans people feel not valid is literally violence. a trans FtM, once told me, a lesbian, that I'm putting down other women for not dating trans identifying males, and that, she gets it that I'm all rah rah rah women, but that it's my fault if transwomen get killed by men

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So telling the truth is hate. Where have I read about that before? 1875? 1734? 1984?

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Where did you find the data?

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RE: TiMs in California prisons, I think this is the right link but if it's not do a search for "Transgender Inmates in California's Prisons" and "UC Irvine." At the time of this study:

43.9% of TiMs in California prisons were registered sex offenders 42% are in for crimes against person 37.8% are Level III offenders 30.3 are Level IV offenders Lifers are 43.8%

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43.9% of TiMs in California prisons were registered sex offender

That number is 20.5% in the text. What page is that 43.9 number on?

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Let me go back and look. There are two different links, so let me see where I found that number.

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SORRY - I MADE A MISTAKE ON SEX OFFENDERS IN CA PRISONS. I think that these are the correct stats but please read the report for yourself!

Use this link:

These are the stats according to the study at the link. This reads page 56 on my computer and should be found around that page but, in any case, it's under "Characteristics of Transgender Inmates."

Earlier, the report seems to classify "transgender" as meaning TiMs, not TiFs, but please verify for yourselves that these stats are for TiMs:

Transgenders in prison for Crimes Against Person 49.8% Registered Sex Offenders 20.5% Level III 29.0% Level IV 32.1% Lifers w possibility of parole 13.3% Life without parole 2.4%

The whole report is interesting but another chart on what looks like pg 60, has Distribution Of Sexual Orientations, which is very confusing because it doesn't clarify if "homosexual" means attraction to men or women, but in either case, 29% plus of transgenders in California prisons are attracted to women according to this study (but please someone else check and verify my figures!)

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I just got banned for commenting on a fucking trans meme about caterpillars and butterflies. I have to post the screenshots. Reddit transformed into a "safe space" super quick. The mods even said I was banned for being a terf teehee.