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For all those voting for Trump and or Republicans, well, the Republican party has its own Equality Act currently in the US House.

The FAIRNESS FOR ALL ACT would carve out religious exemptions but otherwise it's the Republican version of the Democrats' Equality Act and the Trump administration is "open" to it.

In their haste to placate the Rainbow Reich (and I mean the TQ+++ gender lobby attacking women's rights, not LGB who just fought for their own rights) both parties are more than happy to sell out women.

So if you're voting for Don the Con because of the Democrats Equality Act, don't bother because the Republicans have their own Equality Act waiting in the wings. And the GOP will make us a Banana Republic run by Demented Don to boot.

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I hate feeling stupid, but when I read legislation stuff, I do feel stupid. So this bill would acknowledge "gender" and self-id as well? And it's only in housing or in everything? Both bills say men can "be" women?

I have Gender Chaos Fatigue.

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This is what the Republican version, called the FAIRNESS FOR ALL Act, of the Equality Act would do - it's the same as the Equality Act in terms of throwing open all women's sex-segregated spaces and sports to men who identify as women.


The Fairness for All Act would force individuals and institutions to bow to transgender ideology, threatening privacy, safety, and fairness for women and girls.

Schools, businesses, and other public accommodations would be forced to allow biological males access to women’s restrooms and locker rooms on the basis of self-declared gender identity. This poses a serious risk of abuse by predators.

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Yep. Dem Equality Act with a religious exemption. However, it was written so that the courts could strike down the religious exemption and leave the rest as enforceable law. So, it's the Dems bill introduced on the Republican side ( by RINOs - Republican In Name Only)

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Fuck everyone.

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Ugh, some religions are 'more equal' than others I guess

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WHY don't these idiots (politicians et al) realize these "Equality Acts" are actually an assault on the First Amendment Right of freedom of speech? The government to punish its citizens for stating a woman is an adult human female? That sex is a biological, hence scientific, fact????? Where are the constitutional lawyers?

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Both parties renewed the heinous Patriot Act, so I don't know how much either party care about the First Amendment, or any part of the Bill of Rights.

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Of course, they are! There is lots of money in trans activism. In my case, it has never been about voting right wing, but realizing that the left is not what I thought and that they are the enemy as well.

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Does anyone have information on how much support there is for this "Fairness for All" bill among Republican legislators?

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I don't know but would be very interested too.

At the moment the Fairness For All act faces an uphill battle because it didn't kowtow to the gender ideology lobby enough for the Democrats. Since the Democrats control the House now, I doubt it will go anywhere.

That being said, Trans Inc. has its lobbyists hard at work on the Republicans, who hate women too, so the Fairness For All act could gain steam and if the Republicans win back the House and keep the Senate, Trump could sign it into law.

Because Trump, the alleged serial rapist, doesn't give a shit about women either.

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Republicans, who hate women too

Supporting the Hyde Amendment is not "hate". Do what you want, but insisting federal funds pay for it is really no different than demanding federal funding for children's gender-reassignment surgeries

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Abortion is not my personal reason for saying that Republicans hate women. I actually think (based on being alive for many decades) that most or many Republican voters who are against abortion are against it because they believe that the fetus is a child, and they feel they're saving a child's life. Republican politicians tend to be sociopaths, even more so than Democrats, so I don't think they care. I think that's one of the reasons the abortion issue will never be solved in the US - one side views laws against abortion as interference in a woman's choice, while the anti-abortion side thinks abortion is murder.

The Republicans in my lifetime actively tried to stop women from having even basic rights - the opposition to the Equal Rights Amendment came from the right. Republican economic policies are disastrous for women.

Republicans still believe that we should be wives and mothers first, which is great if that's your choice, but then they enact laws that make it almost impossible to live without two salaries. They also don't want to fund or set up an infrastructure for childcare - so where does that leave women?

The Republicans cut funding for education, which is often a way out of poverty for many, but especially for women.

The Democrats are neo-Liberals - they too are corrupt Fat Cats working for corporations and the 0.1%, but occasionally the Democrats will do something for the 99%

And the Democrats are much better on the environment, on food/air/water safety, on education, on healthcare, and on following the rule of law.

Mitch McConnell trying to strong arm a Supreme Court justice in during an election year when he denied Obama one is just one example of how corrupt the Republicans have become.

BTW: the abortion issue is one that has kept the Republicans alive. It used to be Guns, God and Gays that kept people voting GOP (abortion came under "God"). Now that there's widespread acceptance of gays, it's Guns, Immigration, Rioting and Trans.

I do think that some Republicans, mostly women, do genuinely care about the destruction of women's spaces and sports, but given that the Republicans have their own version of the Equality Act already in the US House of Representatives, the power players of the Republicans are also willing to sell women's down the river for Trans, Inc.

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Yeah, as a gay man, I'll never need nor cause anyone else to need an abortion, so I have no opinion on it other than that such choices made by others are really none of my business (throwback to Roe v Wade)

then they enact laws that make it almost impossible to live without two salaries.

What do you mean? Can you give an example?

I'd tend to want to point out that taxation and housing (rent controls, along with the housing bubbles in left-leaning areas) policies from the left are what effectively cut a salary in half, but I realize the income trimming may very well be coming from both sides.

They also don't want to fund or set up an infrastructure for childcare - so where does that leave women?

Huh? Why should the govt be responsible for this? As it is the federal govt gives tax deductions for just having children and for childcare expenses. Should the federal govt be funding e.g. dog walking programs? For me, this would serve the same function as childcare for parents lol

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Ugh, I don't want either passed. I get along just fine with the status quo. Disgusting, that couple who tried to force that baker to bake them that cake, shame on them.