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The trans woman period thing just cracks me up. Don't ever, would never, have never had the proper body part and you're confusing gastrointestinal upset, craving sweets, and male angst as period symptoms.

Yes I am sure you are feeling phantom uterine contractions, Lilith.

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On the plus side, this sort of thing is very effective at peaking normal people. So they more they go on about it, the more people question their views on trans and gender issues overrall.

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My ex, a post-op TiM (who is currently getting his doctorate in economics) tried to convince me that he "totally gets a period too -- it's just bloodless!" And claimed that soon, medical science will fix the bloodless aspect.

Like, "lol, dude!"

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It's so fucking stupid because the period is literally defined BY the shedding of the blood-lined uterine wall, there can't BE a bloodless period, much less a bloodless period WITHOUT A UTERUS (main point)! How is 2020 so batshit insane argh

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Also the cramps. They're caused by prostaglandins that are released when the endometrium self-destructs and sheds. They then cause the uterus to cramp so that the endometrium is expelled. But since TiMs and men in general know FUCK ALL about female anatomy and physiology, they think they have period cramps, even though they lack the endometrium, they lack the prostaglandin and they LACK THE FUCKING UTERUS.

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Yeah, as somebody once said on r/GC: Breakfast indigestion does not equal a period!!

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That is the most delusional thing I've ever heard. These trans-identified men do not know the first thing about women's biology.

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That's why I added that he's getting a doctorate. He's no dum-dum... just massively delusional. He believes in the "pink brain, blue brain" malarkey as well.

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I am a post-menopausal feeeeeemale who takes probably the same drugs as a TIM. Amazingly, despite my possession of an actual uterus, I am yet to experience the.magic estrogen cramps or any sense of a cycle.

I believe them when they say they have these side effects. I'm just saying that as a person with experience of an actual menstrual cycle, I'm not experiencing it on their drugs.

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Exactly, there is no cycle when taking estrogen continuously. What kind of cycle are they talking about if not a hormone cycle? And it's when estrogen is low that women experience PMS.

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Imagine if someone would start touting BS like "OMG I totally know how it feels to have chemotherapy because I identify as a cancer patient!"

Just think about that for a minute - how invalidating, hurtful and insensitive it would feel for anyone actually having cancer and going through chemo. These people would be rightfully shut down and laughed out, while these fairydust dudes imagining period cramps get a free pass.

(Please note, I am NOT trying to equate cancer and period cramps. Was just trying to make a point. My apologies if said point was a bit clumsy.)

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I was just thinking this, because I have been a cancer patient having had my breasts removed.

When I went home, it was with a binder. Actually two. They look like flowered tube tops but have extra reinforcement and velcro.

There was fuss about providing me the second one (they guessed slightly small but it was already on me so I had to get another one). There was fuss because those binders were going at $400 each. It wasn't until a year later I realized the correlation to TIFs.

TIFs claim it's almost the same--a question of "life and death." I gotta disagree I have anything in common with them.

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Ffs. Just when I thought they couldn’t sink any lower... mind-bendingly self absorbed, veering on narcissist behaviour from them.

I do hope you are better now. Cancer is an absolute monster.